Download Magisk Manager v26.0 (APK & ZIP)

Magisk Manager is an Android application that allows for systemless rooting of your device, available as either an APK or ZIP file. It is a popular alternative to other rooting apps like SuperSU and King Root. Many consider Magisk Manager to be the best rooting app currently available. While a download link for Magisk Manager may be available on the current page.

it’s important to note that rooting your device can be risky and may cause damage or void your device’s warranty. It’s recommended that you research thoroughly and proceed with caution before attempting to root your device.

Magisk Manager APK

Download Magisk Manager APK and ZIP (All versions)

Before downloading and using Magisk Manager or any other rooting tool, make sure to research thoroughly and understand the risks involved. Improper use of rooting tools can potentially damage your device and void your warranty.

v26.0: Magisk_Manager_v26.0 | APK | ZIP

v25.1: Magisk_Manager_v25.1 | APK | ZIP

v25.0: Magisk_Manager_v25.0 | APK | ZIP

v24.3: Magisk_Manager_v24.3 | APK | ZIP

v24.2: Magisk_Manager_v24.2 | APK | ZIP

v24.1: Magisk_Manager_v24.1 | APK | ZIP

v24.0: Magisk_Manager_v24.0 | APK | ZIP

v23.0: Magisk_Manager_v23.0 | APK | ZIP

v22.1: Magisk_Manager_v22.1 | APK | ZIP

v22.0: Magisk_Manager_v22.0 | APK | ZIP

v21.0: Magisk_Manager_v21.0 | APK | ZIP

v20.0: Magisk_Manager_v20.0 | APK | ZIP

What’s New

[General] Bump minimum supported Android version to Android 6.0
[General] New magic mount backend. It supports loading modules into system with overlayfs files injected
[Zygisk] Release new API version 4
[Zygisk] Prevent crashing daemon in error
[Zygisk] Rewrite zygote code injection with new loader library approach
[Zygisk] Rewrite code unloading implementation
[MagiskBoot] Support amonet microloader devices
[MagiskBoot] Always use lz4_legacy compression on v4 boot images. This fixes boot image patching issues on Android U preview.
[MagiskInit] Support replacing existing *.rc files in overlay.d
[MagiskInit] Rewrite sepolicy.rules mounting and loading implementation
[App] Make stub patching 100% offline
[App] Support patching init_boot.img for Samsung ODIN firmware
[MagiskPolicy] Fix minor bug in command line argument parsing
[MagiskPolicy] Update rules to support Android U

What Is Magisk Root?

Magisk Manager is a rooting tool that can be used to root Android devices safely and is compatible with Android versions 5.0 to 12.0. While it can be downloaded from various sources, it’s important to exercise caution and only download the application from trusted sources to avoid malware or other potential issues. Here are some links that you can use to download Magisk Manager:

What benefits of Magisk Root?

Magisk Manager uses a systemless rooting technique, which means that it does not modify the device’s system files, making it more difficult for Google SafetyNet to detect whether your device is rooted or not. This allows you to use applications that are not normally allowed on rooted devices, such as Google Pay, PayPal, banking apps, Netflix, and Uber.

Magisk Manager also includes a feature called “Magisk Hide,” which allows you to hide the root status of your device from specific applications. This can be useful for applications that may not work properly on rooted devices or that specifically check for root access.

However, it’s important to note that even with Magisk Manager, there is still a risk involved in rooting your device. Rooting can potentially damage your device and void its warranty. It’s important to research thoroughly and proceed with caution before attempting to root your device.

How To Root using Magisk Manager App?

Here are the steps to root your device using Magisk Manager:

  1. Download Magisk APK or ZIP file on your device.
  2. If you downloaded the APK file, change the file extension from “.apk” to “.zip”. If you can’t change the extension, download the ZIP version of Magisk Manager.
  3. Copy the Magisk ZIP file to the phone storage or an SD card.
  4. Flash your phone with a custom TWRP recovery file.
  5. Go to recovery mode (press and hold the volume up button and power button).
  6. Click on “Install” and locate the Magisk ZIP file.
  7. After locating the Magisk ZIP file, swipe the arrow left to right to install it.
  8. After installing Magisk Manager, reboot your device.
  9. You can refer to the full guidelines for a complete tutorial.

Popular Magisk modules:

  • Viper4Android – advanced audio processing for better sound quality
  • AdAway – system-wide ad blocker
  • YouTube Vanced – modded version of YouTube with additional features
  • Xposed Framework – allows for system-level modification of Android devices
  • Greenify – improves battery life by hibernating apps
  • Camera2 API Enabler – enables advanced camera features on devices that don’t have them
  • Pixel Experience – brings Pixel features and UI to non-Pixel devices
  • GravityBox – adds various tweaks and customizations to Android
  • QuickSwitch – allows for easy switching between recent apps and the launcher
  • Call Recorder – enables call recording on Android devices
  • Busybox for Android NDK – provides a set of Unix utilities for Android devices
  • App Systemizer – moves apps to the system partition to save space and improve performance
  • YouTube Vanced Music – modded version of YouTube Music with additional features
  • MagiskHide Props Config – allows for spoofing device properties for better app compatibility
  • Audio Compatibility Patch – fixes audio compatibility issues with some apps on Android devices.

It must be noted that there are a lot of new Magisk modules available for download, so this list is not all-inclusive. It’s critical to carefully examine any modules before downloading and installing them for compatibility with your device and Android version.