(MAC)Download Lpro Magic Hello V1.2 iCloud Bypass iOS 15.xx Hello Screen Devices – A2GSM

New method iCloud Bypass iOS15.x for checkm8 devices Lpro MAGIC HELLO 1.2

For now, this tool does not support bypassing iCloud with calls, might need new updates to make full 100% iCloud bypass GSM or MEID with calls. You can use this tool to bypass iCloud with iCloud services working as normal, such as new iCloud id, download AppStore, and notifications.

Lpro MAGIC HELLO 1.2 Tool to Bypass iCloud on iOS15 hello screen/activation lock screen

lpro magic 1

LPro magic 3

Supported Models:

All iPhone 6S until iPhone X iOS11 up to iOS 15.x

iPad Mini 4, iPad Air 2 iPad 2017

What Required:

– DCSD Cable/Magico/iRepair

– MacBook with Fast Internet

– iCloud Lock Device (checkm8)

The device must be in Purple Mode

No calls ❌

New Apple iD ✅

Untethered ok ✅

How To Use LPro Magic Hello:

Step 1: Put DFU Mode

Step 2: Preload PwnDFU

Step 3: Preload Device(The Device Screen Will Turn Purple)

Change USB Cable > To > DCSD Cable at This Stage. Proceed to Step 4

Step 4: Preload Check(The Device Will Restart)

Preload Check Button The Function is to change the Serial Number of the Device

After the operation is Complete, the Device will automatically Restart

Step 5: Enter DFU Mode Again

Step 6: Run PwnDFU

Step 7: Boot Device

Step 8: Check SSH (Wait for the Button to light up to become this Check SSH ✔️)

Step 9: Activation Device

Wait for the Device to turn on and the Device is Successfully Activated

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Download iPro Tool iOS 15 By Miko Force Free For 7 Days Unlimited

Download iPro Tool iOS 15 By Miko Force Free For 7 Days Unlimited Unlocking iPhones/iPads

iPro Tool iOS 15 by Miko Force free download for windows computers. it is allowed users to bypass the passcode, Hello Screen, and remove iCloud lock from all iPhone devices which run on iOS 15. x os. the tool is developed by the MikoForce team and allowed users to use 7 days free without any activation or activate the license. scroll down to find the download link and enjoy the tool.




To Instal driver iDevice :

[ Flash BOOT ] To SSH Server



Hello Screen

Generate Activation Data [ Hello Screen / Normal Mode ]

RESTORE Active Data [ SSH SERVER ] All Free Support iPro V2 Tool 7 Days Trial By Miko Force 2022

Process Output

Supported Product 
BOOT 1 –.
[ iPhone10,1 ] [ iPhone10,2 ] [ iPhone10,3 ] [ iPhone10,4 ] [ iPhone10,5 ] [ iPhone10,6 ] [ iPhone8,1 ] [
Phone8,2 ] [ iPhone8,4 ] [ iPhone9,1 ] [ iPhone9,2 ] [ iPhone9,3 ] [ iPhone9,4 ]
BOOT 2 …

[iPhone8,1 ] [ iPhone8,2 ] [ iPhone8,4 ] 

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