Download USB Drivers

On this page, You will get the Latest USB Drivers for Android devices. It supports all major brands like Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Huwai, Apple, and Chipsets like MediaTek, Qualcomm, and Spreadtrum (Unisoc), etc.

1. QcomMtk_Driver_2.0.1 (MediaTek + Qualcomm)

2. QcomMtk_Driver_Setup_3.0.9 (MediaTek + Qualcomm)

3. QcomMtk_Driver_Setup_3.1.9 (Latest)

4. Driver Installer_signed UnlockTool (All-in-One Driver for UnlockTool)

5. Samsung USB Driver Windows v1.7.56 (Driver for Samsung Devices)

6. KIES DOWNLOAD 2.6 (Driver for old Samsung Devices)

7. Motorola_Mobile_Drivers_32bit (Driver for Motorola Devices)

8. Motorola_Mobile_Drivers_64bit (Driver for Motorola Devices)

9. Spreadtrum 77xx_Drivers (Driver for SPD/Unisoc Devices)

10. Huawei Kirin Driver All USB COM1.0 (For Huawei/Honor Devices)

11. Driver Apple USB (Driver For IOS Devices)

12. Apple UsbDk Driver (Driver For IOS Devices)

13. Nokia MTK USB Serial Port Driver (Driver For Nokia)

14. Nokia Driver MTK USB Serial Port 203, 105, 107,109…(Driver For Nokia Keypad)

15. Driver Nokia Full (Driver For Nokia Devices)

16. SPRD_NPI_USB_Driver_1.4 (Driver For SPD/Unisoc)

17. 15_Second_ADB_Installer_v1.4.5 (Driver for ADB Fastboot)

18. Qualcomm_Windows7 (Driver for Qualcomm Devices)

19. LibUSB-Win32-device-filter- (Driver for Auth bypass filter)

20. Vcredist_2015 (VC-2015)

21. ZTE_HS_Driver_SetupV5.2066.1.8 (Driver for ZTE Devices)

22. LG_Mobile_Driver_v4.2.0.0 (Driver for LG Mobile Devices)

23. iSocUSB-Driver_v1.2.0 (Driver for Intel Devices)

24. IntelAndroidDrvSetup1.10.0 (Driver for Intel Android Devices)

25. HTC_Mobile_Driver_v4.17.0.001 (Driver for HTC Devices)

26. Coolpad-140827-Setup (Driver for Coolpad Devices)

How to Install USB Drivers on Windows

Follow the steps below to install the USB Driver on the Windows Computer.

  • first, Download and extract the USB Driver on the Computer.
  • Once the USB Driver package is extracted, you will get the USB Driver-Setup.exe file.
  • Double-click on the USB-Driver-Setup.exe file to launch the Setup Window.
  • Click on the Next button.
  • Now, a USB Driver will be installed on the computer (this may take a few seconds to complete).
  • Once the installation is completed, you will see a Small Dialog box saying to Restart the computer. Click on the OK button.
  • Click on the Finish button to exit the Setup Window.
  • Restart the Computer. Once the computer is restarted, you can easily connect the USB devices to the computer.