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Activation Plist Reader V3.2.0.0 Tool, also known as WinPlist, is a powerful software that can be used to obtain crucial information from Apple devices. It provides a comprehensive set of features to fulfill your activation-related needs, whether you need to gather device information, analyze Plist files, or check network locks and carrier data. The latest version, V3.2, has been updated with a number of changes and bug fixes to improve the user experience. Download the latest version of FRP Hijacker from the below links provided by A2GSMTOOLS.COM.


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Key Features

  • Gather device information: This feature allows you to retrieve valuable information directly from an Apple device. This includes the device model, serial number, firmware version, and other critical details.
  • Analyze Plist files: By analyzing Plist files, you can extract specific information and gain insights into various device settings, preferences, and configurations. This feature proves especially useful for troubleshooting and understanding the inner workings of iOS devices.
  • Check network locks and carrier data: This feature allows you to verify network locks and carrier information. This ensures that you receive correct data, allowing you to determine the network compatibility of a device accurately.
  • Read Plist from IMEI: This feature allows you to read Plist files directly from an IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number. This function makes the process simpler for users to access valuable device information without allowing access to the device itself.
  • Read Plist from Device: This feature allows you to extract Plist files directly from the connected Apple device. By analyzing these files, you can gain a deeper understanding of the device’s configuration and settings, facilitating effective troubleshooting and diagnostics.
  • Free Check iCloud Status Unlimited: This feature allows you to check the iCloud status of devices for free. This valuable feature helps determine whether a device is linked to an iCloud account, providing crucial insights during the activation process.

Here are some of the specific information that can be extracted from Plist files using the Activation Plist Reader V3.2.00 Tool:

  • Device model
  • Serial number
  • Firmware version
  • Network settings
  • Account information
  • Device settings
  • Preferences
  • Configurations

This information can be used to troubleshoot a variety of issues, such as:

  • Device activation problems
  • Network connectivity problems
  • Account problems
  • Device settings problems
  • Preferences problems
  • Configurations problems

What’s New Added

The latest version of the Activation Plist Reader V3.2.00 Tool has been updated with a number of changes and bug fixes to improve the user experience. These include:

  • Added Check Network Lock and Carrier 100% Correct Data: This feature enhances the tool’s capability to verify network locks and carrier information accurately. You can now rely on the tool to provide you with reliable data, ensuring an improved device activation process.
  • Fixed Data Verification Fail: Previous issues related to data verification have been addressed and resolved in this update. Users can expect a more reliable and accurate analysis of device information.
  • Improved Execution on Win7 Service Pack 1: Users of Windows 7 Service Pack 1 will enjoy an easy-to-use interface thanks to the tool’s improved support and speed.
  • Fixed Any Bugs, Make It Run Smoothly: The developers have diligently worked to identify and fix any bugs present in the previous version. The result is a more stable and smooth-running tool that provides consistent results.

Download Activation Plist Reader 2023

A2GSM provides the following Download links from which you can download the tool for Microsoft Windows (32-bit or 64-bit).

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Updates and ChangeLog

Add Extract Device Info From Plist File
Fixed Could Not Find File After Read Plist
Coming soon: Just One-Click To Get Network Carrier and SimLock Status


Activation Plist Reader V3.2.00 Tool is a powerful and versatile tool that can be used for a variety of purposes. Whether you need to gather device information, analyze Plist files, or check network locks and carrier data, this tool has you covered. The latest version, V3.2, has been updated with a number of changes and bug fixes to improve the user experience. If you are looking for a comprehensive and reliable tool for activation-related tasks, then Activation Plist Reader V3.2.00 Tool is the perfect choice for you.

Note: Please Disable Windows Defender or any Antivirus installed on your Computer. Otherwise, Setup or some important files will be deleted or corrupted by Antimalware.

Warning: It’s important to note that using any third-Party tool on Android devices may void the warranty. It requires technical knowledge and should be done very carefully to avoid any data loss or damage to your device. Make sure to follow the instructions provided by the tool and always back up your device’s data before performing any modifications.


  1. How do I install the tool?

    A PLIST file is a property list file used by Apple devices and applications to store essential data for their functioning. These files may contain activation data, which can be useful in removing iCloud activation locks or bypassing lost mode on Apple devices.

  2. Is Activation Plist Reader free?

    Yes, Activation Plist Reader is a free tool and can be downloaded from the official website.

  3. Is Activation Plist Reader safe to use?

    Yes, Activation Plist Reader is safe to use.

  4. Can I use Activation Plist Reader on a Mac?

    No, Activation Plist Reader is a Windows tool and cannot be used on a Mac. However, Mac users can use similar tools that can help them read PLIST files, such as PlistEdit Pro, Xcode, and Property List Editor.

  5. Where can I download the USB Drivers?

    You can download the Official USB driver compatible with the device on the official manufacturer’s website or other reputable sources offering driver downloads. Alternatively, you can download the USB driver from websites like, or XDA Developers forum.

  6. What is Activation Plist Reader?

    Activation Plist Reader is a Windows tool that allows users to read and extract information from PLIST files. This tool is particularly useful for removing iCloud activation locks or bypassing lost mode on Apple devices.

  7. Is there any alternative Flash Tool?

    Yes, there is an alternative tool called Hermes Plist Reader for Mac. Hermes Plist Reader is another flash tool that was developed for flashing firmware, custom ROMs, and recovery images onto Android smartphones and tablets.

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