Download Free Samfirms FRP Tool 2.7.1 (Latest version)

The best tool for unlocking FRP locks on Samsung devices is the Samfirms FRP Tool. This tool enables you to easily reset the Samsung FRP lock by enabling the ADB. You can download the tool, Samsung USB driver, and tutorial from any of the three mirror links available on the page.

Samfirms FRP Tool

Download Samfirms FRP Tool (Latest version)

Samfirms FRP Tool helps you bypass the Factory Reset Protection (FRP) lock on your Samsung devices. Use any following mirror links to download it.

File Name:
File Size: 73 MB
Compatible With: Windows (x64, x86)

Links: MEGA AndroidFileHost

How To Use Samfirms FRP Tool?

  • To use the tool, first, download and unzip it
  • install the Samsung USB driver on your computer
  • Next, open the SamFirms FRP tool and connect your device to MTP mode
  • Click on Emergency on your device and dial #0#
  • click on “Remove FRP” in the tool
  • Allow USB Debugging
  • FRP lock will be removed automatically
  • Enjoy

The Samfirms FRP Tool is compatible with Windows (x64, x86) and has a simple user interface. It is a lightweight application that requires no app installation on your device. This tool is recommended by most mobile technicians for resetting Samsung devices.

The latest version of the Samfirms FRP Tool is recommended as it supports the latest devices. The tool is free, and full credit is deserved by SamFirm Tool for creating and distributing it. Before using the tool, turn off your antivirus, and if you need to install the Samsung USB driver, you can download it online.

The tool supports Android 7 to Android 13, and it is virus or malware free. If the #0# menu is not working, you can use the FRP Bypass APK to bypass your device. If you encounter the “No Device Selected” issue, download the Samsung USB driver and install it on your Windows computer. For any other questions or problems, describe them in the comment section on the page.

SamFirms FRP Tool FAQ

The full meaning of FAQ is frequently asked questions. Also, we have shared some essential answers to the SamFirms FRP Tool’s question.

What Is SamFirms FRP Tool?

Ans: SamFirms FRP Tool is a windows software that helps you to remove the factory reset protection lock on your Android devices.

Which Android Version Supports This Tool?

Ans: This FRP tool supports Android 7 to Android 13.

Is The Tool Virus or Malware Free?

Ans: This tool is virus or malware free. Because firstly, we must scan using a powerful antivirus before sharing it.

Is It Free or Paid?

Ans: This tool is free. As well as, there is no activation or yearly fee.

What Can I Do When *#0*# Menu Is Not Working?

Ans: This is a very important question, and many technicians or users face this issue. Don’t worry. Because you can easily bypass your device using FRP Bypass APK. This tool helps you to go on the FRP Bypass page.

My Device Is Connected, But It Says “No Device Selected.” How To Fix This Issue?

Ans: Well, “No Device Selected” is a common issue for new technicians or none expert users. Go to the “Readme once” section on this page and download Samsung USB Driver. Then, install it on your Windows computer. Done, your problem is solved.

My Question Is Not Listed On This FAQ Section. What Can I Do?

Ans: Well, describe your question or problem in the comment section on this page. We will try to answer your question.