Download iBoy Ramdisk V.4.1 Register ECID Free iCloud Bypass

iBoy Ramdisk Tool latest update is now available to download from A2GSMTOOLS.COM. The iBoy Ramdisk Tool by Rasheed is a powerful tool for bypassing iCloud and removing activation locks on all Apple and iPad devices running the latest iOS 16.x. The latest version eliminates the need to register the ECID with anyone, allowing users to simply connect their devices and bypass the activation lock instantly.

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iBoy Ramdisk is an effective tool for iCloud Unlock and passcode bypass. The latest version comes with new features such as Eraser for DFU mode, iPad7,2 support, and iproxy port 44. We’ve also added Gaster to PWNDFU, but the checkm8 boot may fail. In this case, please update to retain data to iOS 15.7.

We’ve included a Hello SN F97SF2AQFFGD and now offer the full Windows version without the need for a USB boot. You can also enjoy Purple Mode with Gaster, and an iPad Ramdisk will be uploaded soon. Choose iBoy Ramdisk for the best iCloud Unlock solution available.

iBoy Ramdisk Tool Functions


  • Check the Device in DFU Mode
  • Boot Ramdisk iOS 16
  • Eraser
  • Check SSH


  • Backup / Restore Activation
  • Register ECID

Read Hello Mode:

  • Read Hello Mode
  • Generate Activation
  • Activate Hello
  • Change SN

Download Links

File Name: iBoyRamdisk
File Size: 124MB
File Type: .exe
File Password(if ask):
File Uploaded by: A2GSM

Report Dead link or Download Error Here If Download does not work, Please Allow Popup Windows to Work Correctly. Read Here

Tool Name & VersionsDownload Links
iBoyRamdisk v4.5.1.0 [latest]MEGA | MediaFire

Free ECID Registration: Here

Updates & ChangeLog

- Add Eraser (Erase From DFU Mode)
- Add iPad7,2
- Add iproxy port 44
- Use Gaster to PWNDFU (known issue checkm8 Failed to boot)
- If backup activation record not found please update retain data to ios 15.7


- Full windows (no need USB Boot)
- Purple Mode with Gaster
- iPad Ramdisk will be uploaded soon
- IOS 16 Added (8 - 8plus)
- ios 16 passcode (some device reboot when click check SSH)

List Device Supported

iPhone List

iPhone8,1-n71ap   – iPhone 6S

iPhone8,1-n71map  – iPhone 6S

iPhone8,2-n66ap   – iPhone 6S+

iPhone8,2-n66map  – iPhone 6S+

iPhone8,4-n69ap   – iPhone SE (1st Gen)

iPhone8,4-n69uap  – iPhone SE (1st Gen)

iPhone9,1-d10ap   – iPhone 7 (Global)

iPhone9,2-d11ap   – iPhone 7+ (Global)

iPhone9,3-d101ap  – iPhone 7 (GSM)

iPhone9,4-d111ap  – iPhone 7+ (GSM)

iPhone10,1-d20ap  – iPhone 8 (Global)

iPhone10,2-d21ap  – iPhone 8+ (Global)

iPhone10,3-d22ap  – iPhone X (Global)

iPhone10,4-d201ap – iPhone 8 (GSM)

iPhone10,5-d211ap – iPhone 8+ (GSM)

iPhone10,6-d221ap – iPhone X (GSM)

iPod Support


iPad List

iPad5,1-j96ap  – iPad mini 4 (WiFi)

iPad5,2-j97ap  – iPad mini 4 (Cellular)

iPad5,3-j81ap  – iPad Air 2 (WiFi)

iPad5,4-j82ap  – iPad Air 2 (Cellular)

iPad6,3-j127ap  – iPad Pro (9.7-inch) (WiFi)

iPad6,4-j128ap  – iPad Pro (9.7-inch)

iPad6,7-j98aap  – iPad Pro (12.9-inch)  (WiFi)

iPad6,8-j99aap  – iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (Cellular)

iPad6,11-j71sap  – iPad (5th generation) (WiFi)

iPad6,11-j71tap  – iPad (5th generation) (Cellular)

iPad6,12-j72sap  – iPad (5th generation) (WiFi)

iPad6,12-j72tap  – iPad (5th generation) (Cellular)

iPad7,1-j120ap  – iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (2nd generation) (WiFi)

iPad7,2-j121ap  – iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (2nd generation) (Cellular)

iPad7,3-j207ap  – iPad Pro (10.5-inch) (WiFi)

iPad7,4-j208ap  – iPad Pro (10.5-inch) (Cellular)

iPad7,5-j71bap  – iPad (6th generation) (WiFi)

iPad7,6-j72bap  – iPad (6th generation) (Cellular)

iPad7,11-j171ap  – iPad (7th generation) (WiFi)

iPad7,12-j172ap  – iPad (7th generation) (Cellular)

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