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S-Tool Pro is a small tool for Windows computers. it is allowed users to unlock oppo and realme Qualcomm devices in an EDL9008 mode with a single click only. the tool is running on its own host server all files are sent to the tool and a factory reset of the device with a single click. the tool is not free developer charge some monthly, quarterly, or yearly base money for using the tool. some models you can unlock free of cost you can test and post the result of which model unlocks without any activation.



There are 3 options in S-Tool Pro
1. Free Option (allow users to do unlock for free and unlimited)
2. To Unlock unlimited devices for activated users (1D, 3M, 6M, 1Y)
3. To Unlock or download by SCoin (you must purchase SCoin to pay on demand ~ without activation required)
S-Tool Pro Ver2.3.9 is now out, – Latest

What’s New in V2.3.9:

* Added Vivo MTK Factory Reset/Unlock Frp via PreLoader Mode,
* No dead boot risk 
* Any model can be updated via the S-Tool Pro OTA feature.
S-Tool Pro ~ Vivo Unlock Passcode and Frp without BROM, Unlock directly via PreLoader. ✅
Vivo Y01
Vivo Y02s
Vivo Y1s
Vivo Y3s
Vivo Y10
Vivo Y15a
Vivo Y15s
Vivo Y12s
Vivo Y16
Vivo Y20 2021
Vivo Y21
Vivo Y30
Vivo Y30 Standard
Please wait for the next update..

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Download S-Tool Pro Ver2.3.9

If Download does not work, Please Allow Popup Windows to Work Correctly. Read Here

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