Download SAMPRO Tool v1.0 – Samsung Unlock Tool

SAMPRO Tool is a Windows software developed by Mahmoud Salah that enables you to perform a range of actions on Samsung, MediaTek, Qualcomm, and Spreadtrum devices. These actions include retrieving device information, checking SIM lock status, resetting to factory settings, rebooting, bypassing Knox and KG MTK, turning on/off system UI and updates, resetting FRP, and flashing full or custom partitions.

sampro tool by mahmoud salah

SAMPRO Tool Functions

The Sampro Tool is a computer software that allows you to carry out the following operations


MTP Mode: Retrieve device information, verify SIM lock status, reset to factory settings, reboot to normal mode, reboot to download mode, reboot to binary mode, and bypass the launch browser.

Download Mode: Obtain device information, exit download mode, and resolve soft brick issues.

ADB Mode: Acquire device information, reset factory settings, enable the Arabic language, reset FRP, bypass Knox and KG MTK, enable/disable system UI, enable/disable Samsung updates, reset screen lock for older Android versions, and reboot to normal/recovery/download mode.

Reset FRP: MTP enables ADB and resets FRP/bypass Knox/bypass KG.


MTK One Click Section BROM Mode

Generic operations: Get device information, read the GPT table, read/write/erase a selected partition, dump a full flash .bin file, write a full flash .bin file, backup all partitions, and write all partitions.

Bypass SLA Auth: Bypass SLA authentication.

Bootloader Unlock/Relock.

RPMB Data: Read/Write/Erase.

NV Data: Read/Write/Erase.

Flash Preloader/Brom: Support for flashing MTK scatter file, reading firmware scatter file for supported models or selecting scatter file, formatting user data for supported models or by selecting scatter file, resetting FRP for supported models or by selecting scatter file.


Sideload Mode: Get device information, format user data, reset FRP, bypass Mi account, unlock the bootloader, and reboot to normal/recovery/fast boot mode.

Fastboot Mode: Obtain device information, reboot to normal/recovery/fast boot mode, and support for fast boot flash (bootloader unlock required).

EDL: Supports flashing XML file for QUALCOMM devices (emmc only), read GPT table (emmc only), backup/flash/erase selected partition (emmc only), format user data, safe format, reset FRP generic QUALCOMM, reset FRP Samsung QUALCOMM, bypass MI account (emmc only).


Format and reset FRP in flash mode (supported models only), retrieve device information (ADB), reset FRP (ADB), and reset FRP (fast boot).

Download Links

Download the latest Sampro Tool easily from the below links. Download the Required USB Drivers or Flash Tools on your computer.

File Name:
Size: 295MB
Type: .exe
Password(if ask): A2GSM.COM
Uploaded by: A2GSM

Tool NameLinks
SAMPRO Tool v1.0 (2023)MEGA | MediaFire | Google Drive

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Updates & Changelog

What's New:
1.1 MTP Mode
= Read information
= Check Simlock Status
= Factory Reset
= Reboot To Normal Mode
= Reboot To Download Mode
= Reboot To Binarary Mode
= Bypass Launch Browser
1.2 Download Mode
= Read information
= Exit Download Mode
= Fix Softbrick
1.3 ADB Mode
= Read information
= Factory Reset Settings
= Enable Arabic Language
= Reset FRP
= Bypass Knox
= Bypass KG MTK
= Enable / Disable System UI
= Enable / Disable Samsung Updates
= Reset Screen Lock old android versionRoot/ ADB
= Reboot To Normal / Recovery / Download
1.4 Reset FRP
= MTP Enable ADB and Reset FRP /  Bypass Knox /  Bypass KG
= Reset FRP For Android 5 and 6 supported only Exynos and QUALCOMM
2- Flash 
= Supported SAMSUNG Flash full / Custom partition
B.1- MTK One Click Section BROM Mode
1.1 Generic operation
= Read information
= Read GPT Table
= Read / Write / Erase Selected Partition
= Dump Full Flash .Bin File
= Write Full Flash .Bin File
= Backup All Partition
= Write All Partition
1.2 Bypass SLA Auth
=  bypass sla Auth 
1.3 Bootloader Unlock / Relock
1.4 RPMB Data
= Read /  Write / Erase beta
1.5 NV Data
= Read /  Write / Erase 
** userdata and security
= Format userdata
= Full Format
= Safe format MISC
= Safe Format PARA
= Reset FRP Generic
= Reset FRP Samsung MTK
= Disable Lost Mode SAMSUNG
= Bypass Mi Account Temporary
= Anti Relock Mi Account ADB
B- Flash Preloader / Brom
Supported Flash MTK Scatter File
 Read Firmware Scatter File For Supported Model or Select Scatter File
= Read information For Supported Model or By Select Scatter File 
= Format userdata For Supported Model or By Select Scatter File 
= Reset FRP For Supported Model or By Select Scatter File 
1.1 Sideload Mode
= Read information
= Format userdata
= Reset FRP 
= Bypass Mi Account
= Unlock Bootloader
= Reboot To Normal / Recovery / Fastboot
1.1 Fastboot Mode
= Read information
= Reboot To Normal / Recovery / Fastboot
= Supported Fastboot Flash Need Bootloader Unlock First
2- EDL 
= Supported Flash XML File For QUALCOMM Devices Emmc Only
= Read GPT Table Emmc Only
= Backup / Flash / Erase Selected Partition Emmc Only
= Format Userdata 
= Safe Format
= Reset FRP Generic QUALCOMM
= Reset FRP Samsung QUALCOMM
= Bypass MI Account Emmc Only
C-- SpreadTrum Section
= Format & Reset FRP In Flash Mode Only Supported Model
= Read information ADB
= Reset FRP ADB
= Reset FRP Fastboot

How To Install & Use Guide

  • First, you need to download the zip file from the below link
  • Next, you can unzip all files
  • Ensure you have disabled the antivirus before running the installation
  • Next, open the folder and install the setup file with some basic instruction
  • Run the “Samprotool.exe
  • Next, you can install all drivers if you already installed skip this step
  • Connect the phone and try to do any function
  • Done
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