Download Sony Xperia Companion Windows & Mac

Sony Xperia Companion is a powerful computer program that allows users to connect their Sony Xperia device to their computer. This program provides users with a wide range of features, including data transfer, software updates, and troubleshooting tools.

We have provided the latest version of the Sony Xperia Companion Tool on this page, along with the previous versions, for users to download.

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Key Features

  • Data Transfer: Users can easily transfer various types of data between their Sony Xperia device and their computer, including music, photos, videos, and contacts. This allows for easy management of device data and ensures that all files are up to date.
  • Software Updates: Xperia Companion allows users to update their Sony Xperia device with the latest software releases. Users can easily check for available updates and install them directly from the program. This ensures that their device always has the latest features and security updates.
  • Troubleshooting: Xperia Companion provides users with various tools to troubleshoot any issues that their device may be experiencing. Users can perform software repairs, backup and restore data, and perform a factory reset if needed. This ensures that their device is running smoothly and efficiently.