TFM Tool Pro QC/Main Module V3.2.0 Latest Version Update Download Free

TFM Tool Pro Main Module offers a range of features such as FRP bypass, full firmware flash, wiping data and partition, repairing IMEI, unlocking the network, bootloader unlocking, and Mi account bypass. TFM Tool Pro can perform various tasks to troubleshoot and repair your device. Download the latest version of FRP Hijacker from the below links provided by A2GSMTOOLS.COM.

Download TFM Tool Pro Main Latest Update Setup

What is TFM Tool Pro

TFM Tool Pro is a versatile repair tool for smartphones with MediaTek (MTK), Qualcomm (QLM), and Spreadtrum (SPD) chipsets. It is professional software for unlocking, repairing, and servicing devices and is designed to run on Windows 7 and above versions.

TFM Tool Pro Key Features

  • MTK/QCOM/SPD firmware read and write support
  • FRP (Factory Reset Protection) resetting
  • Production line resetting
  • Re-establishment of preloader
  • Reinforcement of NVRAM
  • NVRAM resetting
  • Added option to reboot to recovery mode
  • Option to reboot to factory mode
  • Option to reboot to Meta mode
  • Backup, restore, and reset EFS
  • Unlocking and relocking the bootloader
  • Screen lock resetting
  • EDL reboot
  • And more

Support Brands and Models

It supports all the major brands running the Android operating system listed below.

  • Samsung
  • Vivo
  • Huawei
  • All Mtk
  • Oppo
  • Xiaomi
  • and more

TFM Support OS

  • Windows 7 32-bit & 64-bit.
  • Windows 8 32-bit & 64-bit.
  • Windows 10, 32-bit & 64-bit.
  • Windows 11 or later

Download TFM Tool Pro Main Module 2024

TFM Tool Pro Main Module V2.8.9DOWNLOAD
TFM Tool Pro Main Module V2.8.8DOWNLOAD
TFM Tool Pro Main Module V2.8.6 BETADOWNLOAD
TFM Tool Pro Main Module V2.7.5 BETADOWNLOAD
TFM Tool Pro Main Module V2.7.4 [latest] DOWNLOAD
TFM Tool Pro Main Module V2.7.3DOWNLOAD
TFM Tool Pro Main Module V2.6.0DOWNLOAD

TFM Tool Pro QC/Main Module V3.0.0-V3.0.1 has been released

Here is the list of QC Services(Moved from the old QC Module to Main Module)
EDL Services:
Factory Reset
Reset FRP
Backup EFS
Restore EFS
Reset EFS
Added new: Factory Reset with FRP

Vivo Tab:
Read info(Fastboot)
Fastboot to edl
Demo Remove

Xiaomi Tab:
Reset Mi Account(EDL)
Read Info(Sideload Mode)
Factory Reset(Sideload Mode)

Some significant and Minor Bug are fixed:
Exit and Crashing issues fixed
Auth Type detection improved.

Dear users
-Auth Features is no more in Old Qc Module. (Use new Module for auth features.)
-There is no need for Tick Auth Button in the new Module. Select the model, or do Default-Without selecting Brand Model.
-Improved Auth detection for Qualcomm Chipset.
-We are working to integrate all modules to make things easier for users.
-New UI/UX- This Module was released with new UI, so we’re hopeful you’ll feel a unique Experience.

List of supported QC models that require Auth and 6 CRD to work every job:

  • T2 (8crd-Auth)
  • Y22S (8crd-Auth)
  • iQOO 7 Legend (PD2049F)
  • Y11s PD2042F
  • Y21T (PD2142F)
  • Y85_V2
  • V9
  • Y20s V2 (PD2060CF)
  • X50 (PD2005F)
  • Y20 (PD2034F)
  • Y20i (PD2034F)
  • Y20S (PD2034F)
  • Y12a (PD2060EF)
  • Y12s PD2060X ALL
  • Y20 (PD2043F)
  • iQOO U1 (V2023A)
  • V20 (PD2067F)
  • XPLAY 5S (PD1516A)
  • XPLAY 6 (PD1610)
  • Y97 (PD1813A)
  • Z1 LITE (PD1730E)
  • Z3 (PD1813B)
  • Z3X (PD1730G)
  • Z5 (PD1921T)
  • Z5I (PD1941A)
  • Z5X (PD1911A)
  • Z5X (PD1990)
  • Z6 (PD1963)
  • V20 Pro (PD2020F)
  • V11 Pro (PD1814F)
  • X50 Pro 5G (PD2005F)
  • IQOO5 Pro (PD2025)
  • iQOO5 (PD2024)
  • Nex 3S 5G (PD1950F)
  • X50 Pro Plus (PD2011F)
  • Y31 (PD2050F)
  • Y31 (PD2036)
  • U1x (PD2065)
  • Y50 (PD1965F)
  • V20SE (PD2038CF)
  • S1 Prime (PD1945GF)
  • V21E (PD2107F)
  • V20 (PD2039F)
  • Z5i (PD1941T)
  • Z5 (PD1921)
  • Z1X (PD1921F)
  • Z1 (PD1730C)
  • Z1 LITE (PD1730EA)
  • Z1 PRO (PD1911F)
  • Z1 (PD1911F)
  • Y95 (PD1818F)
  • Y93 (PD1818)
  • Y91 (PD1818F)
  • Y89 (PD1730E)
  • Y85/A (PD1730)
  • Y79 (PD1708)
  • Y75S (PD1708C)
  • Y73 (PD1731C)
  • Y71S (PD1731C)
  • Y71 (PD1731)
  • Y66I/A (PD1621B)
  • Y66/L (PD1621)
  • Y65 (PD1621F/BF)
  • Y55S (PD1613BF)
  • Y55/L (PD1613)
  • Y53/L (PD1628F)
  • Y51 (PD2050F)
  • Y51 (PD2044F)
  • Y50 (PD1969F)
  • Y12i (PD1930CF)
  • Y11S (PD2042F)
  • Y11 (PD1930F)
  • Y9s (PD1945)
  • XPLAY 6 (PD1610)
  • XPLAY 5/A (PD1522A)
  • X50E (PD1968F)
  • X50 LITE (PD1982F)
  • X27 PRO (PD1836T)
  • X27 (PD1838)
  • X27 (PD1829)
  • X23MY (PD1816E)
  • X23MY (PD1816A)
  • X23 (PD1816)
  • X21S (PD1814)
  • X21 (PD1728F)
  • X20 Plus (PD1710F)
  • X20 (PD1709F)
  • X9S/X9SL (PD1616BA)
  • X9 PLUS (PD1619)
  • X9 (PD1616)
  • X7 PLUS (PD1603)
  • X7 (PD1602)
  • V20SE (PD2038F)
  • V19 (PD1969F)
  • V19 Neo (PD1948F)
  • V17 PRO (PD1931F)
  • V17 (PD1948F)
  • V15 Pro (PD1832F)
  • V11 (PD1813F)
  • V7 PLUS (PD1708F)

How to Install TFM Tool Pro Main Module

To install the TFM Tool Pro on your PC, follow these steps:

  • Download the zip file from the provided link.
  • Unzip the files to the C: drive.
  • Disable your antivirus before proceeding with the installation.
  • Open the folder and follow the instructions to install the setup file.
  • Run the “TFMToolMain.exe” program.
  • Install the required drivers (if you haven’t already).
  • Connect your device and start using the tool’s various functions.
  • Enjoy!

How to Reset FRP in MTP Mode

Follow the steps to Remove FRP

  • First Power on Mobile
  • Connect with the Pc using a USB Cable
  • Open The TFM Main Module
  • Click Reset FRP Auth
  • Wait Some Time
  • Done
Ok sam sung frp main
Auth Free Samsung FRP Guide

Watch Tutorial Videos

Samsung Auth Tutorial Video

Note: Please Disable Windows Defender or any Antivirus installed on your Computer. Otherwise, Setup or some important files will be deleted or corrupted by Antimalware.

Warning: It’s important to note that using any third-Party tool on Android devices may void the warranty. It requires technical knowledge and should be done very carefully to avoid any data loss or damage to your device. Make sure to follow the instructions provided by the tool and always back up your device’s data before performing any modifications.


  1. How do I install the TFM Tool PRO?

    Download and unzip the tool on the computer and double-click the .exe file to launch it, follow the screen instructions, and voila, the application is installed on the computer.

  2. Is the tool TFM Tool Pro Free?

    No, It comes in 3 different plans 6Months, 12 Months, and 24 months activation.

  3. Is TFM Tool Pro Safe?

    Yes, it is safe for computers, laptops, and Android devices. It is widely used in the world by advanced users, developers, and enthusiasts for flashing firmware, custom ROMs, and recovery images on Android smartphones and tablets.

  4. Does TFM Tool Pro Samsung FRP need credits?

    No, Its for all users until the next notice by TFM Tool.

  5. Where can I download the USB Drivers?

    You can download the Official USB driver compatible with the device on the official manufacturer’s website or other reputable sources offering driver downloads. Alternatively, you can download the USB driver from websites like, or XDA Developers forum.

  6. Is it Remove all Samsung FRP?

    Yes, By using the new Auth Service, You can Remove all models FRP lock in MTP Mode without any credits.

  7. Does it need credits for Samsung FRP?

    No, No Need for any credits to remove FRP Lock on Samsung Devices.