UAT Pro V166.01 Latest Setup Download [Uni-Android Tool]

UAT Pro [Uni-Android Tool] has released a new update, version 166.01, of its free Windows software program. This tool allows users to perform multiple operations on Android mobile devices, including Auth bypass, Factory Format Reset, FRP reset, and more. Here, you’ll find direct download links for the latest update and previous versions of the Tool, along with a simple step-by-step guide for installation.


UAT Pro [Uni-Android Tool] is a professional tool that is commonly used by mobile technicians and power users to repair and modify Android devices. By using this tool, you can Read Info, Bypass FRP and factory Format, Remove the Pattern, Password, PIN, Screen Lock, flash firmware Stock ROM, Unlock or Relock the Bootloader, reboot the device, etc. If you’re looking for a tool to fix your phone without hassle, simply follow these easy steps and download the UAT Pro [Uni-Android Tool] on your computer and improve your phone’s performance quickly.

The UAT Pro [Uni-Android Tool] is a software that is used to work on any Android Smartphone running Android Lollipop 5.0, Marshmallow 6.0, Nougat 7.0, Oreo 8.0, Pie 9.0, Android 10 Q, Android 11, Android 12, Android 13. It is also compatible with the latest Android 14 version. The software app is Compatible with Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11 OS with both 32-bit and 64-bit arc.

This UAT Pro [Uni-Android Tool] is user-friendly and using the tool functions is easy and simple, Just Install setup.exe and open the software on your computer, log in with required credentials if required, choose the required function format or FRP then connect your phone via a good USB cable in boot mode (EDL/Vcom/MTP mode). The tool will detect your phone unlocked within a few minutes.

Features & Functions

  • Get Auth
  • Reset Factory
  • Reset FRP
  • Reset Safe
  • Unlock BL
  • Relock BL
  • Reboot

Updates & Changelog

UAT PRO Version : 166.01

Release Notes:

ADDED – New Samsung Qualcomm Model by EDL with Following Support
Reset FRP – Format | factory Reset
ADDED – Bypass KG lock Samsung by EDL – Beta , 
May not work on all models

  • SM-A235F BIT4 (Galaxy A23)
  • SM-A236E BIT5 (Galaxy A23 5G)
  • SM-A236U BIT4 (Galaxy A23 5G)
  • SM-A236W BIT4 (Galaxy A23 5G)
  • SM-A426U BIT7 (Galaxy A42 5G)
  • SM-A426W BIT7 (Galaxy A42 5G)
  • SM-A525F BIT6 (Galaxy A52)
  • SM-A526B BIT6 (Galaxy A52 5G)
  • SM-A526U BIT10 (Galaxy A52 5G)
  • SM-A526W BIT-A (Galaxy A52 5G)
  • SM-A705F BIT5 (Galaxy A70)
  • SM-A705MN BIT5 (Galaxy A70)
  • SM-A705Y BIT3 (Galaxy A70)
  • SM-A715F BIT3 (Galaxy A71)
  • SM-A716U BIT9 (Galaxy A71 5G)
  • SM-A716W BIT9 (Galaxy A71 5G)
  • SM-A725F BIT6 (Galaxy A72)
  • SM-A736B BIT5 (Galaxy A73 5G)
  • SM-A736B BIT6 (Galaxy A73 5G)
  • SM-F711B BIT6 (Galaxy Z Flip3 5G)
  • SM-F711U BIT5 (Galaxy Z Flip3 5G)
  • SM-F711W BIT5 (Galaxy Z Flip3 5G)
  • SM-F721B BIT4 (Galaxy Z Flip4)
  • SM-F721B BIT5 (Galaxy Z Flip4)
  • SM-F721U BIT3 (Galaxy Z Flip4)
  • SM-F721U BIT4 (Galaxy Z Flip4)
  • SM-F731B BIT1 (Galaxy Z Flip5)
  • SM-F731U BIT1 (Galaxy Z Flip5)
  • SM-F731W BIT1 (Galaxy Z Flip5)
  • SM-F916U BIT2 (Galaxy Z Fold2 5G)
  • SM-F916B BIT2 (Galaxy Z Fold2 5G)
  • SM-F916W BIT2 (Galaxy Z Fold2 5G)
  • SM-F926B BIT4 (Galaxy Z Fold3 5G)
  • SM-F926B BIT5 (Galaxy Z Fold3 5G)
  • SM-F926N BIT2 (Galaxy Z Fold3 5G)
  • SM-F926U BIT4 (Galaxy Z Fold3 5G)
  • SM-F926U BIT5 (Galaxy Z Fold3 5G)
  • SM-F936B BIT4 (Galaxy Z Fold4)
  • SM-F936N BIT2 (Galaxy Z Fold4)
  • SM-F936U BIT3 (Galaxy Z Fold4)
  • SM-F936U BIT4 (Galaxy Z Fold4)
  • SM-F946B BIT1 (Galaxy Z Fold5)
  • SM-F946U BIT1 (Galaxy Z Fold5)
  • SM-F946W BIT1 (Galaxy Z Fold5)
  • SM-G780G BIT8 (Galaxy S20 FE)
  • SM-G781B BIT8 (Galaxy S20 FE 5G)
  • SM-G781U BIT8 (Galaxy S20 FE 5G)
  • SM-G781U BIT9 (Galaxy S20 FE 5G)
  • SM-G781U BIT12 (Galaxy S20 FE 5G)
  • SM-G781U BIT-E (Galaxy S20 FE 5G)
  • SM-G781V BIT11 (Galaxy S20 FE 5G)
  • SM-G781V BIT-B (Galaxy S20 FE 5G)
  • SM-G970U BIT9 (Galaxy S10e)
  • SM-G970W BIT9 (Galaxy S10e)
  • SM-G973U BIT9 (Galaxy S10)
  • SM-G973W BIT9 (Galaxy S10)
  • SM-G975U BIT9 (Galaxy S10 Plus)
  • SM-G975W BIT9 (Galaxy S10 Plus)
  • SM-G981U BIT7 (Galaxy S20 5G)
  • SM-G981U BIT8 (Galaxy S20 5G)
  • SM-G986U BIT7 (Galaxy S20 Plus 5G)
  • SM-G986U BIT8 (Galaxy S20 Plus 5G)
  • SM-G988U BIT7 (Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G)
  • SM-G988U BIT8 (Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G)
  • SM-G990B BIT6 (Galaxy S21 FE 5G)
  • SM-G990U BIT9 (Galaxy S21 FE 5G)
  • SM-G991U BIT9 (Galaxy S21 5G)
  • SM-G991U BIT-A (Galaxy S21 5G)
  • SM-G996U BIT9 (Galaxy S21 Plus 5G)
  • SM-G996U BIT-A (Galaxy S21 Plus 5G)
  • SM-G998U BIT9 (Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G)
  • SM-G998U BIT-A (Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G)
  • SM-M145F BIT1 (Galaxy M14 4G)
  • SM-N970U BIT8 (Galaxy Note10)
  • SM-N975U BIT8 (Galaxy Note10 Plus)
  • SM-N976V BIT8 (Galaxy Note10 Plus 5G)
  • SM-N981U BIT5 (Galaxy Note20 5G)
  • SM-N981U BIT6 (Galaxy Note20 5G)
  • SM-N986U BIT5 (Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G)
  • SM-N986U BIT6 (Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G)
  • SM-S711U BIT1 (Galaxy S23 FE)
  • SM-S711U BIT2 (Galaxy S23 FE)
  • SM-S901E BIT7 (Galaxy S22 5G)
  • SM-S901U BIT3 (Galaxy S22 5G)
  • SM-S901U BIT4 (Galaxy S22 5G)
  • SM-S906E BIT7 (Galaxy S22 Plus 5G)
  • SM-S906U BIT3 (Galaxy S22 Plus 5G)
  • SM-S908E BIT7 (Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G)
  • SM-S908U BIT3 (Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G)
  • SM-S908U BIT4 (Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G)
  • SM-S911B BIT3 (Galaxy S23)
  • SM-S911U BIT2 (Galaxy S23)
  • SM-S911W BIT2 (Galaxy S23)
  • SM-S916B BIT3 (Galaxy S23 Plus)
  • SM-S916N BIT2 (Galaxy S23 Plus)
  • SM-S916U BIT2 (Galaxy S23 Plus)
  • SM-S916W BIT2 (Galaxy S23 Plus)
  • SM-S918B BIT3 (Galaxy S23 Ultra)
  • SM-S918N BIT2 (Galaxy S23 Ultra)
  • SM-S918U BIT2 (Galaxy S23 Ultra)
  • SM-S9010 BIT4 (Galaxy S22 5G)
  • SM-T505 BIT3 (Galaxy Tab A7 10.4 (2020))
  • SM-X210 BIT1 (Galaxy Tab A9 Plus)
  • SM-X216B BIT1 (Galaxy Tab A9 Plus)
  • SM-X900 BIT5 (Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra)

IMPROVED – Huawei ID Remove, Fix Chip Damaged Error for following Models

  • Mate 50 (CET-AL00, CET-LX9)
  • Mate 50 Pro (DCO-AL00, DCO-LX9)
  • P60 Art/Pro (MNA-AL00, MNA-LX9)

Download UAT Pro – Latest version

The UAT Pro allows you to flash Firmware Stock ROM, Bypass FRP, and Remove Screen Lock from Android Devices. We recommend always downloading the Latest version for better stability and performance.

Password (if ask):

VersionDownload Link
Setup_UAT_PRO_166.01Direct | FTP Support

How to Install and Use

  1. Download the required version from the above links
  2. After downloading extract the zip file using Winrar or 7Zip
  3. Open the Extracted folder and double-click the UAT Pro setup
  4. Now Accept the Terms & Conditions and proceed
  5. Choose the Installation folder (c: drive Recommended)
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions and complete the installation
  7. Now Go to Desktop and Open the UAT Pro.exe
  8. Login with ID and Password (if Required)
  9. Choose your Mobile Brand and Model
  10. Power off the Phone (Make sure the Battery is at least 30% charged)
  11. Connect the phone to boot mode (Vol Up & down or EDL Mode)
  12. Choose Function as required (Format or FRP)
  13. Wait for the Unlock Process to complete
  14. Once the flashing process is completed, Disconnect and Power on Your Device.
  15. Done, You have Successfully unlocked your device.


UAT Pro [Uni-Android Tool] offers a hassle-free solution for managing Android devices, with features like Bypass FRP, firmware flashing, fix bricked devices. Its compatibility with all major Android versions and Windows OS makes it a valuable tool for device maintenance. Plus, it’s free to use, making it an attractive option for users seeking effective phone management solutions.

Readme Once:

[*] Firmware: If you wish, you can download the official firmware Stock Rom, from A2GSM.COM or GSMMAFIAS.COM page.

[*] Flash Tool: If you wish, you can download the other Free Tools for flashing from A2GSM.COM or A2GSMTOOLS.COM page.

[*] USB Drivers: If you wish, you can download the latest version of USB Drivers of all Major Brands, from USB Drivers (Android+iOS) page.

[*]Make a backup: Please Make sure to take a backup of your data before doing any operation on your device, as flashing will wipe user data from the device.

[*]Use at your own risk: Using the Third Party Tools may void your device’s warranty. Proceed with caution and understand the risks involved.

[*]Links: We don’t host any files on our Server, We’re sharing Downloading Links from third-party file-sharing webservers.

[*] Credits: Thanks to the Respected Developer of these tools for sharing it online for Free to all users.