Honor X10 Test Point Reboot USB COM 1.0 Kirin SOC

Honor X10 Test Point

Honor X10 test Points are the two small points on its board that allows the user to force the device to reboot into an emergency download mod. once you get the test Point on your device, you can short them to access Com 1.0.

What is a Test Point:

In the context of mobile device repair, a “test point” is a small Point or connection on the main motherboard board of a device. These test points can be used to troubleshoot and repair hardware issues, as well as to perform firmware or software-related tasks.

For Kirin (CPU) devices, test points are often used to put the device in “USB COM 1.0” (New Security) which can then allow firmware updates or flashing firmware via tools like UnlockTool or Sigma Tool and more.

How to Reboot Honor X10 USB COM 1.0:

  • Install the Huawei USB COM driver on the computer
  • disassemble the Phone & find out the Pinout as shown In below Image
  • Connect the phone to a computer by using a USB cable
  • take a copper wire and short that Pinout or You can do using a tweezer

Honor X10 Test Point com1.0

(Optional) Commands for Recovery & Fastboot Mode:

for Recovery:
adb reboot recovery
for bootloader/ fastboot:
adb reboot bootloader

I hope this blog helps you. If You have any questions, Let me know in the Comments🤖.