HONOR X6 VNE-LX1, VNE-LX2 Test Point

On this page. I have shared the test Point or EDl Point for Huawei HONOR X6 VNE-LX1, and VNE-LX2. By using the test Point You can Remove Huawei ID, Remove the FRP lock Remove the Screen Lock, Upgrade or Downgrade Firmware Fix Bricked Devices, or also some Models that support bootloader Unlock. Follow the steps to learn how you can use test Point.

Use of Test Point (EDL Point)

  • Install the firmware file on HONOR X6 VNE-LX1, VNE-LX2.
  • You can remove Huawei ID using Test Point
  • Repair IMEI and NVRAM using it
  • Restore or Unbrick dead Huawei HONOR X6 VNE-LX1, VNE-LX2 by flashing firmware.
  • Easy to remove FRP lock or screen lock

How to Find Test Points in HONOR X6 VNE-LX1, VNE-LX2

  • First, You need to Disassemble the back panel of the phone
  • After Remove back Unscrew the Upper shield(if present).
  • Take Twizer and Short the Golden Point to GND as Shown in the below Img

How to Remove Huawei ID on HONOR X6 VNE-LX1, VNE-LX2 FRP Lock

  • Download and install the SigmaKey Software on your computer.
  • Connect your device to PC using a USB Cable in upgrade mode
  • Select the Serial Port as DBA Adaptor Port.
  • Select the Software Testpoint On Off
  • Now load the downloaded firmware package “UPDATE.APP”
  • The software will start the flashing process. Wait for a few seconds or minutes to complete the process on your Huawei Honor 10. Do not remove your device.
  • After the process, the device will enter factory mode.
  • Now you can connect your device again by removing and connecting the USB cable again.
  • Now under serial port, make sure you select USB (autodetect)
  • Select Authorize has Huawei
  • Tap on Remove Huawei ID.
  • The process will begin to remove the firmware protection, also called FRP lock.
  • After successfully removing the Huawei ID, you have to set the test point OFF. This will again revive the phone from factory mode to normal phone mode.
  • Select the Serial Port as USB (autodetect), Authorize with the device model, and then tap the Software Testpoint on/off.
  • After completing the process, your device will be back to normal