How to Fix the “Device is not Certified” Error on Poco X4 GT

poco x4 gt

Are you having trouble signing in to your Google account? Can’t access the Google Play Store or use Google apps like Gmail, Maps, Play Music, or Photos? Seeing a “device is not certified by Google” error? Here’s how to fix that on your poco x4 GT.  this is step by step guide to fix the ‘device not certified’ error.


  • open root explorer
  • EXplore to  /data/data/
  • find Finnish.xml
  • Open with a text editor, find the “device-google-certified” key, and change “false” to “true”.
  • save & reboot


Fix on GSI:

Open the TWRP terminal

touch /system/phh/secure
chmod 644 /system/phh/secure
ls -l /system/phh/secure

wipe data & reboot