How to Flash Nothing Phone (1) Stock Firmware

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Nothing Phone 1

if you want to Revert your Nothing Phone (1) from custom firmware to Stock Firmware, then this article is for you where we share step by step guide to Revert Nothing Phone (1) to Stock Firmware.

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Steps for Flash Nothing Phone (1):

fastboot flash boot boot.img
fastboot flash vendor_boot vendor_boot.img
  • then reboot the phone to stock recovery & enable ADB sideload
  • Now send a full update
adb sideload

How to Extract OTA or Payload.bin

how to unpack OTA or Payload.bin and extract all the images, Here we share a
complete guide on how to unpack Payload.bin. this method work for all OTA update
packages that contain a Payload.bin.

Follow Steps

  • Download & Install move liblzma-5 dil to Payload dumper go folder
  • extract the OTA zip and move payload.bin to the Payload dumper go folder
  • open the command window to the same folder
  • now send the below code
payload-dumper-go payload.bin
  • extraction process started, wait until success. done
  • collect all the images in the extracted folder.