How to Modify boot Logo on Oppo,OnePlus, and Realme Phones

 How to Modify boot Logo or Splash Img on Oppo,OnePlus,Realme

What is Boot Logo or splash.img ?

splash.img (or splash.bin or logo.img or logo.bin) is the raw file in which the boot logo (splash screen – the picture displayed when the device is booted) is stored.
It is stored under the partition: splash or logo in many Snapdragon devices (might vary for devices)

How to find out if my device uses splash.img ?

This splash.img is found mostly in Snapdragon devices (at least as far as I have seen) (except Samsung devices).
To check if your device uses it, just go to the directory ‘/dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/’ and see if there’s a partition block named ‘splash’ or ‘logo’.
Or else you can also check your stock ROM (or stock firmware) to see if it contains the splash.img or logo.img or logo.bin (Qualcomm Devices only).

How to get the stock boot or splash.img?

It can be dumped into your storage by the command:
dd if=/dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/splash of=/sdcard/splash.img
(Similarly for logo.img or logo.bin)
(You may also find it in your factory images (stock ROM))

How to Modify Oneplus boot logo or Splash Screen:

  • download the boot logo modification tool
  • extract zip
  • Move the stock image to the tool folder
  • open cmd in the tool folder & run the below command
opsplash.exe unpack -i orig-logo.img -o pic
  • stock image extracted now, you can modify it
  • repack it
opsplash.exe readinfo -i orig-logo.img

How to Flash boot Logo or splash image on Oneplus devices:

for mtk devices

fastboot flash logo 'filename.img'

for qcom devices

fastboot flash splash 'filename.img'

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Download boot logo Modification tool for Oneplus

If Download does not work, Please Allow Popup Windows to Work Correctly. Read Here

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