HTH ND v2.0 Latest Version Download Free iCloud Bypass Tool

HTH ND is a Software Runs on Windows and it is developed to manage iOS Devices. It Features checking Sim Lock status, verifying iOS passcodes, 1 click exit Recovery Mode, Jailbreaking with Winrain, rebooting devices to normal mode, and even removing hidden iCloud accounts from iOS versions 12 to 16 with Jailbroken devices. HTH ND is available for 1-Year Free Access to Everyone without any charges.



1. Check Sim Lock

Sim Lock is an important aspect of iPhone and iPad devices, and HTH ND Version 1.3 allows users to conveniently check the Sim Lock status. 

2. Check iOS Passcode

Forgetting an iOS passcode can be a frustrating experience. With HTH ND Version 1.3, users can easily check their iOS passcodes. 

3. Exit Recovery Mode

Sometimes, iOS devices can get stuck in Recovery Mode, preventing users from accessing their device’s normal functionalities. HTH ND Version 1.3 offers a simple solution by allowing users to exit Recovery Mode with just a few clicks. This feature saves time and eliminates the need for complex procedures to get devices back to their normal state.

4. WinRain V1.1 JB

Jailbreaking iOS devices opens up a whole new world of possibilities and customization options. HTH ND Version 1.3 includes the WinRain V1.1 JB feature, which enables users to Jailbreak their devices easily. By Jailbreaking, users can customize their iOS experience, install third-party apps, and access features not available in the standard iOS environment.

5. Reboot Device

HTH ND Version 1.3 provides a convenient “Reboot Device” feature that allows users to restart their devices with a single click. This can help resolve minor software glitches and ensure the smooth operation of the device.

6. Hidden iCloud (12-16) Jailbreak

HTH ND Version 1.3 also offers the ability to remove hidden iCloud accounts on iOS versions 12 to 16, but it requires a Jailbroken device. By Jailbreaking the device with tools like Checkra1n or Winrain, users can unlock the Hidden iCloud feature. This feature is especially useful for those who have purchased a used device or encountered iCloud-related issues.

Some Use of HTH ND Functions

Check iOS Passcode:

Put your device in Recovery Mode.

Select the “Check iOS Passcode” button.

Check Sim Lock:

Ensure your device is in Normal or Hello mode.

Select the “Check Sim Lock” button.

Hidden iCloud (12-16/Jailbreak):

(Note: Device needs to be Jailbroken with Checkra1n or Winrain before proceeding.)

Jailbreak the device:


  • Tick “Checkra1n(0.12.4)” to Jailbreak (iOS 12-14.8.1).
  • Tick “CheckRaln(0.1337.1)” to Jailbreak (iOS 15-16).

Alternatively, you can Jailbreak with Checkra1n/USB Boot Jailbreak on iOS 12-14.8.1.

(Note: Jailbreak process must be completed successfully, or if there is an error, Jailbreak again.)

Select the “Hidden iCloud (12-16/Jailbreak)” button.

Reboot Device:

(Select the “Reboot Device” button if you encounter iCloud login errors after using the Hidden iCloud feature.)

What’s New in v1.9

 [FREE] 365 days – Window


Check Lock/IOS

Hidden iCloud 12-16.6

Bypass Passcode – Sim 12-16.6

IPWND, jailbreak, disable update/ reset… and others ios 12-16.6

Supported devices and features of HTH ND Tool v1.9:

Supported Devices

  • iPhone 6s and later
  • iPad Air 2 and later
  • iPad mini 4 and later
  • iPod touch 7th generation

Main Features

  • Bypass iCloud lock
  • Bypass passcode
  • Check SIM lock
  • Check iOS version
  • Download OS

Features of HTH_ND V2.0:

  1. Check Lock/IOS: This feature allows users to check the iCloud lock status of their device.
  2. Hidden iCloud 12-16: This feature allows users to bypass iCloud locks on iOS devices running iOS 12-16.
  3. Bypass hello jb ios 12-16: This feature allows users to bypass the hello screen on iOS devices running iOS 12-16.
  4. Bypass Passcode – Sim jb: This feature allows users to bypass passcodes on iOS devices running iOS 12-16.
  5. IPWND, jailbreak, disable update/ reset… and others iOS 12-16: This feature allows users to jailbreak iOS devices running iOS 12-16, disable updates, and reset devices.


  1. HTH_ND V2.0 is only compatible with Windows operating systems.
  2. HTH_ND V2.0 is only compatible with iOS devices running iOS 12-16.
  3. Using HTH_ND V2.0 may void your device’s warranty

Download HTH ND 2023 Edition

Here are the direct links to download the tool for Microsoft Windows (32-bit and 64-bit).

File Password(if ask): | Links Not Working: Report Here


How to Download and Install on Windows

  1. First, Head over to the above Download Links
  2. Choose the required version and start downloading
  3. After the download is complete, Save it on Your Computer
  4. Now, Extract the Zip file using Winrar or 7Zip
  5. Open the Extracted folder and double-click the .exe file
  6. Now Accept the Terms & Conditions and proceed
  7. Choose the Installation folder (c: drive Recommended)
  8. Follow the on-screen instructions and complete the installation
  9. voila, Software is installed Successfully on your computer
  10. Enjoy!

How to use HTH ND

  • First Download and install the tool
  • Open the HTH ND
  • Login with ID and Password (if Needed)
  • Choose your Mobile Brand and Model
  • Choose Function as required (Format or FRP)
  • Power off the Phone (Battery at least 30% charged)
  • Connect the phone to boot mode (Vol Up & down or EDL Mode)
  • Wait for the Process complete
  • Done, You successfully Complete the operation.


[*]Antivirus: Please Disable Windows Defender or any Antivirus installed on your Computer. Otherwise, Setup or some important files will be deleted or corrupted by Antimalware.

[*]Warning: Using third-party tools on Android devices may void the warranty and can result in data loss or device damage. Use at your own risk.

[*]Backup: Make sure always back up your device’s user data before performing any modifications.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Is the HTH ND Free to use?

    Yes, it is completely free to download and use for 1 Year.

  2. What purpose of using HTH ND?

    You can use it to manage iOS Devices with 1 Click Ease operations.

  3. Is HTH ND Safe to Use?

    Yes, it is completely safe for your device and Also for computers and laptops.

  4. Is HTH ND Jailbreak iOS Devices?

    Yes, it has Winrain Inbiult to Jailbreak iOS Devices.

  5. Is HTH ND Remove Sim Lock Restrictions?

    No, You can only check the status of Sim Lock Whether it is Locked or Not.

  6. Is it Compatible with All Windows versions?

    Yes, You can use it on Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11, or later (32-bit and 64-bit).

  7. Is there any alternative Flash Tool?

    Yes, there is an alternative tool called Android Utility (MTK META Utility). Android Utility (MTK META Utility) is another flash tool that was developed for flashing firmware, custom ROMs, and recovery images onto Android smartphones and tablets.

  8. How can I Find Firmware Stock ROM for Android?

    You can download it from the Official Manufacturer’s website or you can check Trusted Alternate Websites like A2GSM, BBKROM, A2GSMTOOLS, Firmware File, and GSMMafia.

  9. Where can I download the USB Drivers?

    You can download the official USB drivers from here, or Alternatively, you can download from websites like A2GSM, or XDA Developers forum.

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