How to Install Realme UI 4.0 Beta on Realme GT Neo 2

Realme UI 4.0

The Beta Version of Realme UI 4.0 based on Android 13 is Now available for Realme GT Neo 2. You can download it below. the version is in the beta stage & limited to testers or early adopters, we strongly advise you to don’t Install it if you don’t know how to fix soft brick.

What is BETA Version:

A beta version is a pre-release version of a software product that is made available to a group of testers for the purpose of finding and fixing bugs, and for gathering feedback on the overall quality and functionality of the software, before the final version is released to the general public. Beta versions are typically released a few weeks or months before the final version of the software and are usually made available for download on the developer’s website or through a private distribution channel. Beta versions are typically less stable than the final release and may contain bugs or other issues.

difference between beta version and normal version?

the main difference between a beta version and a normal version is that the beta version is a pre-release version that is still in development and may not be as stable or reliable as the final release, while the normal version is a fully tested and finalized version that is considered to be stable and reliable.

Realme UI 4.0 New Features Added:

  • New lock Screen
  • new Weather app UI
  • new Music app UI
  • stylish camera watermark
  • New user interface and many more

Download Links(Beta):

How to Install Realme UI 4.0 on Realme GT Neo 2:

  • reboot the phone to TWRP recovery
  • make a nandroid backup
  • move the backup to pc or pen drive
  • wipe cache
  • Flash beta ROM (Install zip locate swipe slider)
  • once done. reboot the device.