MD-NEXT v2.0.3 Forensic Extraction Tool Latest Keygen Full Activated Download Free

Hancom MD-NEXT 1.92.10 is your go-to solution for comprehensive data extraction from a wide array of digital devices. This powerful software supports both physical and logical extraction methods for Android, iOS, Windows OS, Tizen OS, and other mobile operating systems, making it a versatile tool for all your data extraction needs.


With the ability to extract data from over 15,000+ devices, including smartphones, feature phones, IoT devices, smart TVs, drones, chip-off memory, and JTAG boards, MD-NEXT 1.92.10 stands out as a robust data extraction tool. It’s particularly effective for Asian-manufactured devices, such as Samsung, LG, and various Chinese brands.

MD-NEXT 1.92.10 supports all physical extraction methods, including Bootloader, Fastboot, MTK, QEDL, Custom image, ADB Pro, iOS Physical, DL, JTAG, Chip-off, SD Card, SIM, and Removable Media. It also supports all logical extraction methods, such as Filesystem, Android backup, iOS Backup, Vendor backup protocol, Local backup, and MTP.

One of the key features of MD-NEXT 1.92.10 is its ability to unlock the latest Samsung and Chinese phones, including Oppo, Vivo, Huawei, and Xiaomi. It also offers iOS backup file decryption and keychain extraction, providing you with a comprehensive data extraction solution.

MD-NEXT 1.92.10 also allows for selective extraction of partition, file, category, and app, giving you the flexibility to extract only the data you need.

Key Features of MD-Next Forensic Extractor Software

  1. Complete Mobile Data Acquisition:
    MDNext supports data extraction from various IoT devices, AI Speakers, Smart TVs, and drones. It also supports advanced physical extraction features like Bootloader, Fastboot, MTK, QEDL, Custom Image Android Rooted, iOS Physical, DL, JTAG, Chip-off, SD Card, and Removable Media.
  2. Advanced Physical Extraction:
    MDNext offers ADB Pro extraction, supporting data acquisition using vulnerability attacks from Android-based devices. It also provides a JTAG pin map viewer and connection scanning with AP, drone data extraction for DJI (Phantom, Mavic), Parrot, PixHawk, and AI Speaker Chip-off extraction for Amazon Echo, Kakao Mini, Naver Clova.
  3. Support for Diverse Physical Data Reader Hardware:
    MDNext is compatible with JTAG Reader (MD-BOX), Memory Chip Reader (MD-READER), SD Memory Reader, and USIM Reader.
  4. Advanced Logical Extraction Features:
    MDNext supports Android Live, MTP, iOS full filesystem Backup, Vendor backup protocol, Local backup, and USIM.
  5. Extraction and Decryption of Latest Asian Phones:
    MDNext supports physical extraction through all lock bypass (KNOX, FRP/OEM, Screen Lock) for Samsung Galaxy S/J/A/Note series. It also supports unlock screen, ADB Pro physical KNOX bypass, Vendor Backup protocol extraction, Local backup extraction, and physical extraction for Japanese manufacturer models like Sharp, Sony.
  6. Support for Latest iPhone Logical Extraction:
    MDNext supports iOS keychain extraction, logical extraction for iPhone up to XS/XR model, and decryption of backed up data for the latest version of iOS devices.
  7. Selective Extraction for Privacy Protection:
    MDNext supports selective acquisition of partition, file, category, and app.
  8. Special Extraction Features:
    MDNext supports user-defined extraction for unlisted models using pre-defined methods and Google cloud drive extraction.
  9. Useful Extraction Utilities:
    MDNext supports auto recognition and decryption of partition table and encrypted partition, automatic firmware restoration and retrial after restoration failure, resume of extraction, merge of multiple image file – MDF and binary file, and acquisition from PC backup files: iOS, Samsung, LG.
  10. Assurance of Evidence Data Integrity:
    MDNext supports write-protection to every evidence data and various hash algorithms (MD5, SHA1/224/256/384/512, RIPEMD128/160/256/320).
  11. User-Friendly UI:
    MDNext offers an intuitive graphical user guide for each extraction method and a list of recently selected models.
  12. Data Preview and Save:
    MDNext supports preview of the extraction data – Hex viewer, sound alarm, and TTS alarm for extraction status change.
  13. Reporting Features:
    MDNext provides extraction information – Hash value, Time, Method, and
    Filename. It supports ‘Extracted File List’ generation with a hash value of each file and generates an ‘Observation Confirmation Report’.

Download MD-NEXT 2023 Edition

Here are the direct links to download the tool for Microsoft Windows (32-bit and 64-bit).

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MD-NEXT v2.0.3Setup Download
Crack Files
(Password: @DevirtualizeME)

What’s New

1. Enhanced Data Extraction Capabilities:

Support for newer device models: MD-NEXT is constantly being updated to support the latest smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Version 2.0.3 could potentially add support for several new models that weren’t previously compatible.

Improved physical extraction methods: This could involve faster extraction times, support for new chipsets or bootloaders, or the ability to bypass more complex security measures on certain devices.

Advanced logical extraction options: More granular control over what data is extracted, the ability to target specific apps or files, and improved handling of encrypted data are all possibilities.

2. Advanced Forensic Features:

Unlocking capabilities for additional devices: Version 2.0.3 might expand the range of smartphones and tablets that MD-NEXT can unlock, making it even more useful for investigators.

Deeper analysis of extracted data: New parsing engines or algorithms could provide more detailed insights into the extracted data, making it easier to identify relevant evidence.

Improved reporting and visualization tools: More efficient ways to organize and present extracted data in reports could be introduced, streamlining the investigation process.

3. General Usability Improvements:

A redesigned user interface: This could make MD-NEXT easier to use and navigate, especially for less experienced users.

Performance optimizations: Faster startup times, improved data processing speeds, and a more stable overall experience are all potential improvements.

Bug fixes and security updates: Any known bugs or vulnerabilities in previous versions would likely be addressed in version 2.0.3.

How to Download and Install on Windows

  1. First, Head over to the above Download Links
  2. Choose the required version and start downloading
  3. After the download is complete, Save it on Your Computer
  4. Now, Extract the Zip file using Winrar or 7Zip
  5. Open the Extracted folder and double-click the .exe file
  6. Now Accept the Terms & Conditions and proceed
  7. Choose the Installation folder (c: drive Recommended)
  8. Install main setup
  9. Copy crack content in the installed path
  10. Run md-next from the desktop, u will see your HWID and its copied on your clipboard automatically
  11. Run keygen “WLGen_MD-NEXT.exe
  12. Goto » License Manager » Add License » and add this field
  13. Customer: user
  14. Company: BlackHat
  15. Hardware ID: right click and past (to past your HWID)
  16. Click save and click on Create License Key from the tab bar of Keygen
  17. In the keygen folder, go to the user-blackhat folder and just copy mdnext.dat and past to the MD-NEXT Installed folder
  18. Done, Enjoy

How to use MD-NEXT

  • First Download and install the tool
  • Open the tool
  • Login with ID and Password (if Needed)
  • Choose your Mobile Brand and Model
  • Choose Function as required (Format or FRP)
  • Power off the Phone (Battery at least 30% charged)
  • Connect the phone to boot mode (Vol Up & down or EDL Mode)
  • Wait for the Process complete
  • Done, You successfully Complete the operation.


[*]Antivirus: Please Disable Windows Defender or any Antivirus installed on your Computer. Otherwise, Setup or some important files will be deleted or corrupted by Antimalware.

[*]Warning: Using third-party tools on Android devices may void the warranty and can result in data loss or device damage. Use at your own risk.

[*]Backup: Make sure always back up your device’s user data before performing any modifications.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Is the MD-NEXT Free to use?

    Yes, it is completely free to download and use.

  2. What purpose of using MD-NEXT?

    You can use it to recover data from devices.

  3. Is MD-NEXT Safe to Use?

    Yes, it is completely safe for your device and Also for computers and laptops.

  4. Is it Compatible with All Windows versions?

    Yes, You can use it on Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11, or later (32-bit and 64-bit).

  5. Is there any alternative Flash Tool?

    Yes, there is an alternative tool called Android Utility (MTK META Utility). Android Utility (MTK META Utility) is another flash tool that was developed for flashing firmware, custom ROMs, and recovery images onto Android smartphones and tablets.

  6. How can I Find Firmware Stock ROM for Android?

    You can download it from the Official Manufacturer’s website or you can check Trusted Alternate Websites like A2GSM, BBKROM, A2GSMTOOLS, Firmware File, and GSMMafia.

  7. Where can I download the USB Drivers?

    You can download the official USB drivers from here, or Alternatively, you can download from websites like A2GSM, or XDA Developers forum.

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