MFK Tool V5.6.5 Windows RamDisk Tool Latest Free Download (Working 100%)

MFK Tool V5.6.5 is a small windows computer tool for all iPhone and iPad Devices. the tool is not needed to JB your mobile and removes the iCloud Lock from all iDevices with iOS v15.x supported. and you do not need any mac os or computer to use this tool.

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  • Connect Device
  • Boot Device
  • Check SSH
  • Backup / Passcode (Step 1)
  • Activate Device / Full Sync
  • Bypass iOS 15 Hello

What’s New

MFK ver 5.6.5:-


Lzma Error For Windows 11 users

The performance was made to perform an automatic check whether the device was Pownd DFU Or Not

⦁DFU Factory Reset No More ipsw Download no more mac os need

⦁Libusb/usbdk installer

⦁New SSH FOR iPhone /iPads

⦁When you encounter any problem, please click on Disable driver signature and restart your computer

⦁Please make sure that the iTunes program is installed on the computer through the Apple website and not the Microsoft Store

⦁The tool needs stable internet in order to work efficiently