Nothing Phone (1) Unbrick FRP Unlock Tool (FREE)

The Nothing Phonel Unbrick Tool is a Windows utility designed to repair software issues on the Nothing Phone (1). The tool supports read, write, and erase functions via EDL mode.

nothing unbrick tool a2gsm

A device can be in a soft brick or hard brick/bootloop state due to a software/firmware issue.

  • In the soft brick stage, the device is stuck or frozen on the boot logo or animation
  • In the hard brick stage, the device does not show any sign of boot and only displays 9008 USB COM

Nothing Phonel Unbrick Tool Functions

  • firmware flash
  • firmware read
  • EFS backup
  • FRP Unlock
  • Reset userdata

Download links

Nothing Phone (1) Unbrick Tool: Download

To use the Nothing Phonel Unbrick Tool, follow these steps:

  1. Install the 9008 driver.
  2. Run the tool.
  3. Connect the phone in EDL mode.
  4. Select the desired function.
  5. Click on the “Start” button to begin the process.