Nubia Red Magic 6/ 6 Pro EDL Firehose Loader

Nubia Red Magic 6 e1630747841628

Download No Auth Firehose / Programmer (Loader) for Nubia Red Magic 6/ 6 Pro:

Nubia Red Magic 6/ 6 Pro No auth firehose or Loader file Now available for Download & You can download it from below. with the help of No auth Firehose or programmer, you can flash an SLA Enabled device without completing the SLA Challenge.


  • Flashing May brick Your device
  • Make a backup before the Process
  • this file is Properly tested & working on this device

What is No Auth Firehose:

  • QCOM 9008 EDL Sahara Programmer file with a signature from the manufacture

Download Links:

  • Nubia Red Magic 6/ 6 Pro Firehose: Download

Supported Functions:

  • Read, flash, Erase, Patch.

How to use Nubia Red Magic 6/ 6 Pro Firehose:

  • use any qcom supported tool like QFIL, ROM2box, MI Flash, etc.

Go to ROM2box/QCOM Tab click ‘Select firehose’ mark the device type now use the required function.

Supported tools:

  • ROM2box & all other qcom toolboxes