Odin Pro v4.0 iPhone FMI OFF Tool Latest Version Download Free

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Odin Pro released a new update V3.0 is a free utility program designed specifically for iPhone, and iPad devices. you can utilize the tool to gain access to premium services for free. On this page, I have shared the Latest update of the tool which you can download from the below links and it’s completely free.

Odin Tool Pro

Odin Tool Pro has recently rolled out its highly anticipated version 3.0 PRO, bringing a slew of powerful features to the table. Let’s delve into the key highlights that make this update a game-changer for iPhone and iPad users.

Odin Pro Features

  1. Auto Remove Xiaomi FMI (Find My iPhone) OFF: Odin Tool Pro 3.0 introduces a groundbreaking service – the automatic removal of Xiaomi FMI. This enhancement streamlines the process, making it more efficient for users seeking to disable Find My iPhone on their Xiaomi devices.
  2. Auto Remove Apple FMI OFF: Not stopping at Xiaomi devices, Odin Tool Pro extends its support to Apple devices with an automatic removal service for Apple’s Find My iPhone feature. This functionality caters to iPhone and iPad users, ensuring a seamless experience when navigating through device security features.
  1. Pet Token Apple FMI OFF: The introduction of the Pet Token service adds another layer of versatility. Users can now leverage this feature specifically for Apple devices, enhancing the overall flexibility and convenience in managing Find My iPhone settings.
  1. Clean Unlock FMI OFF: Unlocking devices just got cleaner with the Clean Unlock FMI OFF service. This new addition is designed to provide a secure and efficient way to unlock devices with Find My iPhone turned on, offering a solution that caters to various user needs.
  1. Universal Support for Any iPhone and iPad: Odin Tool Pro proudly boasts universal compatibility, extending its support to any iPhone and iPad. This inclusive approach ensures that users across different Apple devices can benefit from the robust features introduced in version 3.0 PRO.
  1. Exclusions: Not for China Devices and Carrier Locked Devices: While Odin Tool Pro caters to a broad audience, it’s essential to note its limitations. The tool does not support China devices and carrier-locked devices, ensuring that users are informed about the compatible device criteria.
  1. Compatible Modes: Clean / Lost / Hello / Open Menu: Odin Tool Pro 3.0 supports various modes, including Clean, Lost, Hello, and Open Menu. This versatility allows users to address different scenarios and unlock their devices based on specific requirements.
  1. User-Friendly Interface: Navigating Odin Tool Pro is made easier with its user-friendly interface. Users can seamlessly access the tool’s services without unnecessary complications, providing a smooth experience throughout.

Download Odin Pro 2023 Edition

File Password(if ask): a2gsmtools.com | Broken Links Report Here: Click Me

Software VersionsDownload Links

Note: For inquiries, support, or any assistance needed, users can connect with the Odin Tool Pro admin via the provided Telegram link: https://t.me/OdinOwner

What’s New

⭐️ New Support for iPhone 15 and All iPad Cellular Versions:

The highlight of Odin Tool Pro 4.0 PRO is its groundbreaking support for the latest iPhone 15 and all iPad Cellular versions. This broadens the scope of compatibility, ensuring users can seamlessly unlock and manage their devices with the utmost convenience.

✅ Universal Support for Any iPhone and iPad:

As with previous versions, Odin Tool Pro maintains its commitment to universal support, covering any iPhone and iPad model. This inclusivity allows a diverse range of users to benefit from the powerful features introduced in version 4.0 PRO.

❎ Exclusions: Not for China Devices, Carrier Locked Devices, and Devices with MDM Lock:

While Odin Tool Pro caters to a wide audience, it’s important to note the exclusions. The tool does not support China devices, carrier-locked devices, and devices with Mobile Device Management (MDM) lock.

🔎 Compatible Modes: Clean / Lost / Hello / Open Menu:

Odin Tool Pro 4.0 PRO continues to support various modes, including Clean, Lost, Hello, and Open Menu. This versatility ensures users can address different scenarios and unlock their devices based on specific requirements.

iPhone/iPad Price list

  • ➡️ iPhone X (GSM): $80
  • ➡️ iPhone XS Max: $80
  • ➡️ iPhone XS: $80
  • ➡️ iPhone XS Max (China): $80
  • ➡️ iPhone XR: $80
  • ➡️ iPhone 11 Pro Max: $130
  • ➡️ iPhone 11: $100
  • ➡️ iPhone 11 Pro: $120
  • ➡️ iPhone SE (2020): $100
  • ➡️ iPhone 12: $150
  • ➡️ iPhone 12 mini: $120
  • ➡️ iPhone 12 Pro Max: $200
  • ➡️ iPhone 12 Pro: $170
  • ➡️ iPhone 13 Pro: $230
  • ➡️ iPhone 13 Pro Max: $250
  • ➡️ iPhone 13 mini: $120
  • ➡️ iPhone 13: $210
  • ➡️ iPhone SE (3rd generation): $150
  • ➡️ iPhone 14: $250
  • ➡️ iPhone 14 Plus: $260
  • ➡️ iPhone 14 Pro: $280
  • ➡️iPhone 14 Pro Max: $300
  • ➡️ iPhone 15: $260
  • ➡️ iPhone 15 Plus: $270
  • ➡️ iPhone 15 Pro: $290
  • ➡️ iPhone 15 Pro Max: $320
  • ➡️ iPad 9.7″ 5th Gen (Cellular): $60
  • ➡️ iPad 9.7″ 6th Gen (Cellular): $65
  • ➡️ iPad 10.2″ 7th Gen (Cellular): $70
  • ➡️ iPad 10.2″ 8th Gen (Cellular): $100
  • ➡️ iPad 10.2″ 9th Gen (Cellular): $110
  • ➡️ iPad 10.9″ 10th Gen (Cellular): $85
  • ➡️ iPad Air 3rd Gen (Cellular): $70
  • ➡️ iPad Air 4th Gen (Cellular): $80
  • ➡️ iPad Air 5th Gen (Cellular): $85
  • ➡️ iPad mini 4th Gen (Cellular): $70
  • ➡️ iPad mini 5th Gen (Cellular): $80
  • ➡️ iPad mini 6th Gen (Cellular): $85
  • ➡️ iPad Pro 10.5″ 1st Gen (Cellular): $100
  • ➡️ iPad Pro 11″ 1st Gen (Cellular): $90
  • ➡️ iPad Pro 11″ 2nd Gen (Cellular): $120
  • ➡️ iPad Pro 11″ 3rd Gen (Cellular): $140
  • ➡️ iPad Pro 11″ 4th Gen (Cellular): $160
  • ➡️ iPad Pro 12.9″ 2nd Gen (Cellular): $100
  • ➡️ iPad Pro 12.9″ 3rd Gen (Cellular): $120
  • ➡️ iPad Pro 12.9″ 4th Gen (Cellular): $150
  • ➡️ iPad Pro 12.9″ 5th Gen (Cellular): $170
  • ➡️ iPad Pro 12.9″ 6th Gen (Cellular): $200

How to Install and Use Guide

  1. First, Head over to the above Download Links
  2. Choose the required version and start downloading
  3. After the download is complete, Save it on Your Computer
  4. Now, Extract the Zip file using Winrar or 7Zip
  5. Open the Extracted folder and double-click the .exe file
  6. Now Accept the Terms & Conditions and proceed
  7. Choose the Installation folder (c: drive Recommended)
  8. Follow the on-screen instructions and complete the installation
  9. Now open the Flash Tool
  10. Login with ID and Password (if Needed)
  11. Choose your Mobile Brand and Model
  12. Choose Function as required (Format or FRP)
  13. Power off the Phone (Battery at least 30% charged)
  14. Connect the phone to boot mode (Vol Up & down or EDL Mode)
  15. Wait for the Process to complete
  16. Done, Enjoy!


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[*]Warning: Using third-party tools on Android devices may void the warranty and can result in data loss or device damage. Use at your own risk.

[*]Backup: Make sure to always back up your device’s user data before performing any modifications.

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