Download PaleRa1n Jailbreak v2.0.0 beta 7 Update

The latest version of PaleRa1n Jailbreak has been updated, providing jailbreak support for iOS 15.0 to iOS 16.4.1 on all pre-A12 devices. This update brings many stability fixes and improvements to the legacy version of PaleRa1n Jailbreak and checkra1n, including iOS 16.4.1 support. Download the latest version of PaleRa1n Jailbreak from the below links provided by A2GSMTOOLS.COM.

palera1n jailbreak mac
PaleRa1n Jailbreak

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PaleRa1n Jailbreak is a tool that will generate patched boot files for you, letting you use apps like Pogo (to bootstrap your device with Procursus) and TrollStore on all versions. palera1n is a developer jailbreak. Want to play around with palera1n? Check out the main repository here. If you enabled a passcode, you must erase the device (with iTunes or in the settings app). You may restore a backup. Please note that tweaks will likely need to be updated to work on iOS 16, so please be patient. This does not apply if you disabled the passcode in iOS 15 before updating to 16, but if you enable it at all in 16, you have to follow the instructions. 

Palera1n has been updated with iOS 16 support for A11 devices and lower! On iOS 16, the device must have never had a passcode set since restoring (only on A10+, A9 is not affected), and dev mode must be enabled.

iOS 16.0 – 16.2 JAILBREAK RELEASED With TWEAKS! PaleRa1n Jailbreak Updated For ALL iOS 16 (Pre-A12)


  • We are not responsible for any data loss. The user of this program accepts responsibility should something happen to their device. While nothing should happen, jailbreaking has risks in itself. If your device is stuck in recovery, please run one of the following:
    • futurerestore –exit-recovery
    • irecovery -n

This Post is provided for informational, research, and news purposes. Jailbreaking is free and legal as per DMCA 2015. Please use jailbreaking tools responsibly.

Download Palera1n Jailbreak (MAC) 2023

File NamePalera1n Jailbreak v2.0.0 Beta 7
File Size9.45MB
File Password (if ask)
Uploaded byA2GSM
DeveloperPalera1n Team
Support OSMicrosoft Windows (32bit and 64bit)
Latest UpdateApril 2023
Report Dead LinksHere

Updates & ChangeLog

V2.0.0 beta 7 Highlighted changes
Fixed 16.0 beta 1 (20A5283p) not being able to jailbreak.
Fixed Error 256/512 during rootful bootstrap installation.
Fixed rootless --force-revert issue not being able to find boot hash.
Added better logging for Loader.
Added French, Arabic, Polish, German, Spanish, Czech, Swedish, Dutch, and Catalan translations.
APT packages update on first install.
Check if user has sideloaded.
Fixed crashing when installing package manager on rootful for some users.
Fixed Error 256/512 during rootful bootstrap installation.
Fixed Input/Output Error during bootstrap installation (--force-revert).
General code cleanup, some better practices.
Helper moved to jbinit/jbloader.
Nebula Keyring will be installed on bootstrap.
Re-added alert if user has used --force-revert.
Other device-side changes
Fixed rootless --force-revert issue not being able to find boot hash.
Jailbreak contents such as /private/preboot/&{boot_hash}/jb-* and or /procursus would not be deleted, but is fixed in this release.
CLI changes
Added -C, --clean-fakefs flag.
This will revert the snapshot back to when the fakefs was first created, this will not remove the fakefs.
This only works if a snapshot is created when fakefs is created, so it will only work if fakefs is also created with
release or a newer release.
MbedTLS was updated.

PaleRa1n Jailbreak v2.0.0 Beta 6
iOS 16.4 - 16.4.1 support
BindFS 16.0+ support
New rewritten loader app
Baked with bakera1n (?)

PaleRa1n Jailbreak v1.4.0
Does not mount user data partition for iPhone X compatibility, isn’t even really needed anymore
Deploys files to the rootfs (fakefs if needed)
Fix deviceid finding
Use apticket.der because dumping rdisk seems to freeze
Add /.installed_palera1n with info
uicache loader app on boot (no more Tips app hijacking)
Fix rootless
Webkit fix on 16
Switch to local boot
Fix home button on iPhone 7(+) and 8(+)
Increase stability
Supports 15.0-16.2 on all checkm8 devices

PaleRa1n Jailbreak v1.3.0
Fully fix deep sleep bug
Supports 15.0-15.7.1 on all checkm8 devices
Increase stability
Fix TrollStore, camera, and screen recording

PaleRa1n Jailbreak v1.2.0
Numerous fixes
Let Pogo install tweak support

PaleRa1n Jailbreak v1.1.1
Support iPad beta URLs
Make sure auto-boot is always set to false (unless restoring rootfs)
Wait for sshd to start before running postboot
Fix Tips check error
Fix –restorerootfs

PaleRa1n Jailbreak v1.1.0
Check if Tips is installed
Only prompt for disclaimer once
Check for DFU

How To Use Palera1n Jailbreak?


  1. Clone the repo with git clone –recursive && cd palera1n
    • If you’ve already cloned the repo, just run cd palera1n
  2. Open up a terminal window and cd to the directory
  3. Run ./ –tweaks <iOS version you’re on> –semi-tethered
  • Put your device in DFU Mode before running this command
  • The semi-tethered flag uses 5-10GB of storage and is also incompatible with 16GB devices, don’t include –semi-tethered in the command if you are using a 16GB device or have less than 10GB free.

Your device will then boot into a ramdisk, which will dump blobs. It will also set boot arguments and other variables, and either tether your device or set up the fake rootfs. It will also patch the kernel for you, so you can use tweaks.

  1. Once back in recovery/normal mode, place the device into DFU again
  2. The device will boot, open the palera1n loader app, and hit install
  3. Sileo should have appeared on your home screen


  1. Open up a terminal window
  2. Run sudo systemctl stop usbmuxd
  3. Run sudo usbmuxd -f -p
  4. Open up a new terminal window
  5. Clone the repo with git clone –recursive && cd palera1n
    • If you’ve already cloned the repo, just run cd palera1n\
  6. Run sudo ./ –tweaks <iOS version you’re on> –semi-tethered
  • Put your device in DFU Mode before running this command
  • The semi-tethered flag uses 5-10GB of storage and is also incompatible with 16GB devices, don’t include –semi-tethered in the command if you are using a 16GB device or have less than 10GB free.

Here is a tutorial for you can be found here.

If you are trying to use a Virtual Machine software of some sort from Windows (e.g. Virtualbox, VMWare, Windows Subsystem for Linux, etc) you will not succeed by following this guide.

If you are using a computer with an AMD Ryzen CPU, you will likely run into issues. If you do run into issues, you should use a Mac or a computer with an Intel CPU to follow this guide.


Tweaks mode

All repos work when using tweaks mode because it uses normal Procursus and is not rootless.


Repos need to be updated for rootless, here are some that work currently:

If you want to make a rootless repo, use the official palera1n repo for reference. Every deb should use the iphoneos-arm64 architecture, and nothing should be on the rootfs. Everything should be in /var/jb.

palera1n Developer jailbreak for iOS 15.x

Note: Please Disable Windows Defender or any Antivirus installed on your Computer. Otherwise, Setup or some important files will be deleted or corrupted by Antimalware.

Warning: It’s important to note that using any third-Party tool on Android devices may void the warranty. It requires technical knowledge and should be done very carefully to avoid any data loss or damage to your device. Make sure to follow the instructions provided by the tool and always back up your device’s data before performing any modifications.


  1. How do I install the Palera1n?

    Download and unzip the tool on the computer and double-click the .exe file to launch it, follow the screen instructions, and voila, the application is installed on the computer.

  2. Is the Palera1n Free?

    Yes, it is completely free to download and use.

  3. What is Palera1n?

    Palera1n is a jailbreak designed for checkm8 devices (A8-A11) running iOS 15.0-16.4 with a focus on catering to the needs of developers.

  4. What platforms are supported by Palera1n?

    To jailbreak an A8-A11 device on iOS 15.0-16.4 using Palera1n, you can use macOS or Linux. However, there is currently no support for Windows, and it’s uncertain whether Palera1n will ever provide it.

  5. Where can I download the USB Drivers?

    You can download the Official USB driver compatible with the device on the official manufacturer’s website or other reputable sources offering driver downloads. Alternatively, you can download the USB driver from websites like, or XDA Developers forum.

  6. Am I able to SSH?

    Similar to Checkra1n, Palera1n also starts an SSH connection when the device boots up. The port used for this connection is 44, and it can only be accessed through a USB connection.

  7. How can I jailbreak with Palera1n?

    YOu can follow the helpful steps on to jailbreak.

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