Realme C25 Repair IMEI Number Null or Baseband Unknown


realme c25 e1618916071149

IMEI Number or International Mobile Equipment Identity is a Number to identify a Mobile Phone. all GSM networks use IMEI Numbers to validate the device. if you have Loss IMEI Number on Your Realme C25 due to any software issue then it is not able to connect to any Network. In this condition, You can Repair its IMEI Number by following the below Instructions.


  • tested on V10.2044.0.02

Steps to Repair IMEI Number on Realme C25:

  • download & Install the Mediatek driver on your computer
  • download & extract Modem Meta
  • Run Meta.exe


  • From the device type select ‘SmartPhone
  • under connection, type Select ‘UART‘
  • turn the phone off Pres volume up and down keys and Insert the USB
  • once the device is detected select ‘USB COM PORT‘
  • Click the bottom “Connect” Button
  • once connected, click At the top left ‘Load DB button‘, Select from Target
  • wait till the bottom DB is successfully loaded
  • then from the Search bar select ‘IMEI Download‘

modem meta2

  • Enter both IMEI and Click ‘Write’
modem meta download
Image Credit: AndroidMTK
  • success, disconnect the device & switch it ON.

Note: if not work after the above steps, first write NVdata, NVRAM backup using mtkclient and then follow the above steps

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Download Realme IMEI Repair File

If Download does not work, Please Allow Popup Windows to Work Correctly. Read Here

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