Samsung Galaxy A22 – How to Remove bootloader unlock Warning

Galaxy A22 e1627729107322

Samsung Galaxy A22 Have you recently unlocked your bootloader on your Samsung Phone and want to remove the warning ‘Bootloader Unlock’ message that comes every time when your device boots up? Then don’t worry this tutorial gives you a detailed view of How to remove the Warning ‘Bootloader Unlocked‘ message from your Samsung Galaxy A22.


  1. Your Rooted device.
  2. patched param: Download
  3. Terminal (termux recommended).

Steps to fix Bootloader Unlocked Warning on Samsung Galaxy A22 :​

  • download the Param file and move it to the download folder (internal storage).
  • download terminal (you can use termux).
  • start the terminal & type the below commands
  • Now type
dd if=/storage/emulated/0/Download/up_param.tar of=/dev/block/platform/bootdevice/by-name/up_param
  • once done, and reboot the device!