Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus SCG02 Eng Modem File

Download Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus SCG02 engineering modem file

In this post, we have provided the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus SCG02 eng modem file for those who may be looking for it. This file can be used for network unlocking and is specific to the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus SCG02. If you attempt to use this file on any other device, we cannot be held responsible for any issues that may arise. The Samsung S20 Plus SCG02 may experience problems such as unbricking, flashing, network locking, and rooting, which can be resolved by downloading the file from It is important to note that this file is only intended for use on the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus SCG02.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus SCG02 Eng Modem File

What is ENG Firmware and What its Function:

basically, An ENG modem file, also known as an engineering modem file, is a firmware file that is used to network unlock a device. Yes, you heard right, It is specifically designed for Samsung devices and is used to bypass the network lock that prevents the device from being used with a different carrier. ENG modem files are often used when a device has been purchased from a specific carrier and is locked to that carrier’s network. By flashing an ENG modem file, users can unlock their device and use it with a different carrier.

Note: If you are using an ENG modem file it can void the warranty on your device, and it is recommended to only use these files if you have the experience to flash the firmware and some software knowledge to fix if the device bricked.

Flashing Instructions:

  • Install the Latest Samsung drivers.
  • Open Latest Odin Tool.
  • Select the eng modem file on the CP Section in Odin Tool.
  • Put the phone into download mode.
  • Press Volume Up & down and the power key at the same time for download mode (Blue Screen Download Mode)..
  • Insert the USB cable, and the phone will show up in Odin.
  • Click on the start button.
  • After finishing, the phone will reboot automatically.
  • And you are done, Flashing Success.

Download Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus SCG02 eng Firmware:

  • Model Name: Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus
  • File name: SCG02 ENG MODEM
  • Binary version: U1
  • Download link: Mega

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