Tecno Spark 9T New Security Test Point Reboot BROM

Tecno Spark 9T 1

Tecno Spark 9T Test point MTK Force Brom is a process of shorting the test point pins on a MediaTek (MTK) device to force it into BootROM mode. This is used to unbrick or repair devices that are stuck in a boot loop or unable to boot normally. By shorting the test point pins, you can bypass the device’s normal boot process and force it to enter BootROM mode, which allows you to flash new firmware or repair the existing one.

To enter BROM a pair of tweezers is necessary to make a test point, which involves touching Golden Points on the device’s motherboard while connecting the USB cable to the computer can successfully enter BROM mode.

For some newer devices, an authorized account or patched firehose is also needed. This article provides information on test points for Tecno.

Tecno Spark 9T Force BROM Mode steps:

  1. Install the MTK driver on your computer.
  2. Remove the back cover of the phone and locate the test point, as shown in the accompanying image.
  3. Short the test point using a copper wire or tweezers, and then connect the USB cable.
  4. Check the device manager for the Mediatek Port USB device under the COM port. If it’s not there, try the steps again.
spark 9t tp force brom
Test Point

Use of Test Points Tecno Spark 9T:

  1. Flashing the firmware of the device to fix software issues
  2. Upgrade or Downgrade Software Version
  3. Unbricking the device, Bootloop or Dead
  4. Remove Security Lock
  5. Remove FRP (Factory Reset Protection)
  6. Recovering deleted or lost data from the device

Test points are typically used as a last resort when the device cannot enter BROM mode through standard methods, such as by using a combination of buttons or software commands. It involves physically accessing the device’s motherboard and using a probe or wire to make contact with specific points to force the device into BROM mode. This requires some knowledge of disassembling devices, so proceed at your own risk.