Vivo Y12s (V2026) Preloader New Security – Force Brom

vivo y12s

Security Brom mode is a protection mechanism that prevents unauthorized access to the system by limiting the ability to reset or flash the device. It is triggered when there is an attempt to perform these actions without proper authentication. Brom (Boot ROM) is a preloader software in Mediatek-based Android devices that loads before the firmware, and it is responsible for initializing the hardware and booting the firmware. Therefore, when security brom mode is activated, it can make it difficult to unlock the pattern, pin, password, and FRP on the device.

Download Links

Vivo Y12s Preloader: Download

Supported Functions:

  • pattern password unlock
  • frp remove
  • unlock bootloader
  • relock bootloader
  • read info
  • write partitions
  • and much more functions supported

How to use Vivo Y12s Preloader:

  • Download Preloader file
  • Got to tools and select custom Preloader
  • locate file
  • click start and do functions
  • done

Supported tools:

  • Sp Flash Tool
  • UMT
  • Unlocktool
  • and Other Mtk Tools Supported